B2B site in the context of the new tricks

B2B – the most mature business model of the internet. This thesis is tested by time. The development of the Internet in China for decades, but now we look back, a lot of money making business, have been declining or are going to decline, such as end tour, such as literary websites, etc.. But B2B still stand, which is experienced more than Ma met "winter", but today was the rise of the B2B website, is still not a fallen. This can not help but say that B2B model of tenacious. However, the arrival of a lot of background and approaching, B2B website is still able to continue to be strong?

B2B site facing the background

macro economic background

macro economic slowdown has become a fait accompli, for industrial enterprises, economic growth slowdown in demand reduction, including foreign demand and domestic demand, the enterprise is led to the reduction in orders, reduce corporate profits, enterprises for marketing investment reduce, reduce the income of the website B2B. B2B site operating conditions and macroeconomic data has always been closely related to the background, needless to say.

enterprise production bonus subsided background

made in China, by virtue of the price, but with the rise in labor costs, industrial products, low dividend may disappear. For businesses, the price cut to narrow exports. Industrial enterprises began to fight the brand, the brand time and cost of industrial products to be much larger than consumer goods, the difficulty is greater than consumer goods. How to create a process in China, the process of dividend fading, shaping the industrial brand, which is the background of two.

trading electricity supplier background

strictly, the B2B model is not a standard electricity supplier model, which is more like advertisers. The company’s products or information on the B2B website, buyers to see, then to first contact, the B2B website for the entire transaction process for shallow level intervention intervention, compared with B2C and C2C, the degree of involvement is limited, and even can be said to be pseudo electricity supplier. In the face of real electricity providers such as Tmall, Jingdong, B2B site should be how out of the transaction electricity supplier, is the background of the B2B site three.

mobile internet background of the rise of

and personal life related Internet products, have the brains to think how to make the traditional Internet and mobile Internet docking, to accomplish this task, although each have their and the process is not smooth, but in theory, can be realized. And B2B website? Who would like to go to the phone to find a steel manufacturer who would like to work out after work?. In other words, under the background of the rise of the mobile Internet, B2B sites and mobile Internet docking has a natural disadvantage.

B2B website

new tricks

can be said that, as the background, the future development of the B2B site, are not