Analysis do you really think that Taobao flagship store brands are doing

recently, the electricity supplier service company treasure to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission submitted a IPO application. One would have been rare in the media reported treasure why can be listed?

thanks to the rapid development of e-commerce in our country, many brands have their own Tmall flagship store by a dedicated generation of operators to take care of, and Bao Zun is one of the best.

1, Bao Zun is to do what?

Bao Zun founder Chou Wenbin graduated from Tsinghua University, electronic engineering, has worked in HP, SUN and other well-known IT foreign companies for 6 years. In 2000, he founded a supply chain management software company specialized in retail brands, such as Johnson, Nike, PHILPS and other five hundred brands are long-term customers.

Chou Wenbin in early 2007 to create treasure statue, from 2007 to become the first treasure PHILPS customers, by the end of 2014, Bao Zun has been a partner of the 93 brands.

treasure respect cooperation clothing brand

these brands cover a variety of areas, including clothing, home appliances, electronics, home products, cosmetics, FMCG, insurance and automotive. Including many of the industry’s leading brands, such as Nike, Microsoft, ZARA and Acer, Haagen dazs.

with the rapid development of the electricity supplier in China, the global brand of e-commerce as an important part of their expansion strategy in China, more and more brands to test the water electricity supplier channels.

data show that by 2017, China’s e-commerce market is expected to scale the size of the market will reach 2 trillion and 352 billion yuan, an annual compound growth rate of 43.3%.

brand to do electricity supplier, facing a series of challenges, such as distribution, online site, shop operations, warehousing, marketing and a series of background technology.

is precisely the existence of such a demand, so that generation operators should be born, can provide one-stop solution for the brand.

As long as the enterprises to provide products and authorized

, on behalf of the operators can take the rest of the work arranged, including pre site business planning, station, store operations, order processing, marketing, logistics, customer service to the background etc..

due to the ecological chain in Taobao, 5 years ago, the statue received a strategic investment Alibaba.

disclosed in accordance with the prospectus, Alibaba is the largest shareholder of Bao Zun, the shareholding ratio of 23.5%. Last year the proportion of treasure in the Chinese market is about 20%.

2, Bao Zun business model

treasure respect has two revenue channels: one is the product sales, one is the service.

specific business model has the following three kinds, or in some cases is the integration of business models.

Have a

distribution model

from brand