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Zhang Jindong, former chairman of Suning Appliance at the electronic commerce "malpractice". There is news that the Ministry of commerce is drafting a "support of traditional commercial enterprises into e-commerce" file, will conduct a special funding for the traditional commercial enterprises into e-commerce, in order to promote the business enterprise to the network drive sales store sales.

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e-commerce industry is booming, but behind Business Flourishes rarely profitable. This has become the basis of the traditional business model of e-commerce questioned. Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning Appliance at the electronic commerce "malpractice". Zhang Jindong believes that the circulation industry must have added value, but the majority of online shopping products sold at the cost price, which can not provide additional value, which does not comply with the law of commercial development.

Zhang Jindong said that although the twenty-first Century is the era of the Internet, the information age, but the Internet is just an information platform, which can not be the basis of commercial circulation. It says, "anything that doesn’t add value won’t last long". E-commerce companies will not become the mainstream view has been supported by some traditional business executives. In addition to peibenzhuanyaohe "cannot live experience" is the traditional business enterprise head defects of online sales of the most talked about, which determines its function can only act as a "supplement".

Jin Yuan new Lufthansa MALL general manager Fu Yuehong said, the shopping experience is a process of enjoying, click on the consumer can only provide convenience and does not provide shopping brings pleasure, this is an important factor restricting the development of online shopping. A supermarket executives although there is no direct description of online shopping is difficult to shake the dominant position of the traditional channels, but to WAL-MART, TESCO and other foreign retail giants have opened online sales and traditional sales channels accounted for the answer to the question. According to publicly available data, foreign retail giants online sales and sales of physical stores are difficult to compare.

traditional retail channel launched battle

although traditional companies do not believe that online shopping will replace the store sales, but the traditional companies have launched a war, the opening of online shopping mall online shopping division. The survey data of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other large chain enterprises in January this year, Chinese Chain Association showed that respondents generally referred to begin to pay attention to online shopping business, the Shanghai chain of online shopping business the highest degree of concern. Shanghai Hualian Supermarket has opened online shopping business at the end of last year, is currently perfecting the system to support to the store to pick up business. It is understood that at present, COFCO has opened the network I bought, Xidan department store on the mall online publicity, the domestic home appliance retail giant has entered the online sales.

iResearch analyst Zhang Yanping believes that in the next few years, the traditional enterprises will show a net tide, the number of B2C companies will rise rapidly. It is said that the Ministry of commerce is drafting a document on the support of traditional commercial enterprises into e-commerce, the document will be the traditional commercial enterprises to enter the electronic