Write to do micro business and will do friends

in the space N every day many people said in a micro business Shuabing feature said this new product.

With the rapid growth of

as everyone knows, the popular intelligent mobile phone Andrews machine the popularity of WeChat, more and more people into social communication on the mobile phone, the variety of the sun all share whenever and wherever possible Shuabing to occupy the palm of the world. A new and huge group of people in the circle of friends and space. Maybe there is his reason we should accept the attitude of the world to see the new things.

open space, circle of friends, we will be able to see the micro channel selling mask recruit agents, a variety of products you’ve never seen before with the text, pictures, customer witness on the stiff appearance of your first screen. In the face of this scene around a lot of friends is a daily advertising, then directly delete the netizen did not know, masked friend.

so I want to make micro business friends have encountered, obviously can see some derivative hair talk, do not care about the black and the shield is still immersed in the everyone is drunk and I, all my money, all the travel industry in a fall, and I alone bright idiot the state, in addition to daily Shuabing recruit agents is the chicken soup, which I personally feel that the best one is to take the Ma’s words – today I express your indifferent tomorrow you can not afford me. I admit entrepreneurs passionate purpose Sike should have the fan, but we should not look at every day, Shuabing daily self exaggerated words and deeds so that we have many returns, deal with the passage of time? We are not tired? Then we should not slow down and stop arguments your ideas? Well, not with the idea of anti yellow Zhigong go back to see if you have to help


talk about the most common method should pay attention to the place

at first we see others scraper, see others in the business, OK and recruit agents, as if the fire’s money said, well know I do — this is the most likely derivative friends entry way. Well when we joined in such a way to spread, we did not see the effect and find ways to find QQ friends micro letter friends less then we constantly add friends, constantly add group, continue to send information, keep this group big chicken soup, everyone is using these methods, but to his friends saw visual fatigue heart trouble, so in the group advertising kicked and blocked in the space circle of friends, a few rounds of operation down feel tired, the mood is not good; it should be the most common derivative to the scene.

look at the above path: add friends, add group, scraper, the chicken soup. The ultimate goal is to reach out and recruit agents to these two purposes. So the question is:

add friends, plus group, Shuabing, the chicken soup all the methods, you also like this do you have


two plus friends add group QQ and WeChat are >