2015 micro business is changing from guerrilla to regular army you ready

wrote a few days ago, the article is more than the micro, and yesterday there are friends and I QQ after the first sentence is: micro chamber of Commerce die? I was back to her: you want more!

I will analyze the

today, micro business future! A few days ago, I had a try to sell this ebook version, read "new derivative: 3 days of collection from scratch to make money" friends, I should know that there is such a word written in any commercial era to make money, the first element is the first to have people, where people gather, there are opportunities! Where gathered a large number of young people, there is a huge market in the future


all business practices, summed up on the two words: trading. Buy is demand, selling is to provide products or services to address the needs of people! Where there is demand, where many people, there is a huge demand! The whole world, Chinese most, so China demand is the largest in the world, even foreign merchants all know the truth

!According to the official report: 2014 WeChat

WeChat has more than 600 million users, of which 500 million inland, 100 million overseas, is expected to China WeChat users in 2015 will exceed 700 million, WeChat users worldwide will exceed 1 billion, WeChat users are mostly 22-30 year olds. WeChat, such a huge, a super crowd gathering platform, is being more and more attention to the business!

the total population of 1 billion 350 million people in China, the middle-aged and older people over the age of 50, children under the age of 15, that is, young people in China are basically using WeChat, or are preparing to use WeChat. This group of people is growing as the backbone of the whole social consumption, electricity supplier in the past 10 years of rapid growth is driven by them, the group’s ability to accept new things very quickly, the courage to try.

so, mobile providers, or micro business, not do not do the problem, and see how you do? Water, electricity, gas, people are ready to see how you shop?

this morning to see micro-blog V Gong Wenxiang said: as the company transformation for mobile strategic adjustment, Taobao Four Golden Delicious baby shop offer 8 million transfer.


see this message, you are still thinking about doing micro business? Even the Taobao predators are coming, you are still hesitant to door? Hurry! I am good people, last year 2-3 month, saw someone in the pictures on the mobile phone to sell things, when a little despise so, do one day out of several single ah, even the office costs are not enough. But the second half of the year, I found that this is the trend, with the popular trend of online shopping, as a result, a trend which cannot be halted. So, in the second half, I also follow suit to follow up!

2015, will be the outbreak of WeChat marketing year, to keep up with the trend, it is equivalent to sitting on the rise of the elevator, do not have to go, you can quickly on the