Steady development of international e-commerce industry ushered in the Chinese industry blowout

August 2009 eMarketer survey of the UK online shopping market found that in 2009 the UK online shopping users continue to increase. Data show that in 2009 the UK online shopping users will reach 26 million 900 thousand people, online shopping user penetration will reach 72.5%. 2009-2013 is expected to continue to increase the size of the UK online shopping users, online shopping users in 2013 penetration will reach 75.7%.

at present, e-commerce development in the global scope most rapidly, its application field and scale is far ahead of other countries, the global e-commerce site 90% in the United States, 50% e-commerce transactions occurred in the u.s..

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relationship with Anglo American mature e-commerce environment and the booming development of B2B e-commerce, in a substantial U.S. economic downturn, according to a survey found on American retail e-commerce market in the first quarter of 2009, retail e-commerce transaction volume unchanged from 08 in the first quarter.

in the Chinese market, foreign demand is still in a state of low, so the export oriented China B2B e-commerce market will maintain slow growth; but from the beginning of 2010, with the domestic effective policy to stimulate domestic demand, and the world economy gradually bottomed out, the domestic and foreign consumption capacity and order demand will increase, Chinese B2B electronic commerce will also be growth development, according to iResearch survey is expected in 2012 will reach 9 trillion and 720 billion yuan deal size.

under the influence of the economic crisis, foreign demand continued to decline, leading to the majority of export-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises fall into the crisis of survival, reduce costs has become the urgent demand of small and medium-sized enterprises; in addition, the e-commerce platform can help SMEs to better display of information, the second generation of e-commerce platform recently can help customers directly online transactions, to bring customers new business opportunities. As a result, small and medium enterprises have turned to e-commerce to seek new development.

iResearch predicted that with the development of e-commerce and SMEs to improve the understanding of e-commerce, in the next few years, the penetration rate of e-commerce will continue to grow.

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together with the traditional business e-commerce platform in the industry Chinese learned that electronic commerce a successful case of industry website performance, greatly enhance the profit. Shenzhen a furniture processing enterprises and industry cooperation in the establishment of "Chinese Chinese furniture door", in the last year sales growth of 45.3%. is very peculiar, its turnover growth was accompanied by a net profit of more powerful promotion, even more than the same period last year, net profit increased by 234% this year, only after the foreign orders reached 5 million.

many industry experts believe that the docking of e-commerce platform with the traditional enterprise, produce new models and opportunities in search of cooperative business model should be an effective solution to complete the integration of traditional enterprise and Internet Co.

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