Eco beer Grote how rely on sports marketing

nowadays, beer consumption into the season, major beer brands are taking advantage of the hot sports marketing, in order to enhance the market sales performance. Budweiser, HeineKen and other sports events and products through the scene of marketing bundled with a strong user stickiness IP driven product sales. Even reported that a domestic beer brands to the European Cup event marketing, contrarian move up more than 3%. In addition to the above industry "big brothers", new power network network launched the "ecological Grote beer" (Gloryt) on music as sports "strong competition IP resources, as the dark horse blaze, good performance.



(Gloryt) unveiled the 2016 search of football EMBA soccer


(Gloryt) from Mannheim, is composed of a mesh network and music as sports jointly launched the original introduction of a most representative of Germany’s top beer. Grote (Gloryt) "product experience officer" is with a great reputation before the CCTV Oprah, LETV sports chief content officer Liu Jianhong. Based on the powerful ecological gene, in the marketing of the road, a super Grote like a raging fire and the European Cup and other music as sports event resources, ecological marketing portfolio played a "beer + sports IP".

May 25th, by holding the search of music as sports football hosted the "Spanish football night" reception, ushered in the Spanish League president Javier Tebas and the Spanish League delegation famous a pedestrian, to celebrate the Royal, La Liga giants Atletico successfully meet UEFA Champions League final. Grote (Gloryt) as the sole sponsor of beer brand appearance. The scene of the Spanish alliance members, soccer players, media and fans drinking glasses Grote (Gloryt), to witness the glory of spain. La Liga giants success realignment not only the success of fans stimulate the excitement, also let Grote (Gloryt) sports IP anti heating up again.

June 24th – June 26th, ushered in the fourteenth round of the tournament in the fight. In the meantime, network network join music as sports, music video, octopus IV jointly launched the "ecological activities of 1 cents to buy beer", "2 mobile phone combining ecological bundle over the" live interactive ecological drainage, music and beer. Every activity period see super live music fans in the whole platform, in the 5 minute goal in the specified barrage that have access to 2 mobile phone, and through a barrage of links to the network network in the area, with 1 cents premium purchase winner push beer. The reporter learned that, in the super live room, a popular Chinese super football commentator Zhan Jun and grut (Gloryt) appeared together. In the studio, "Grote · conquer black beer", "Grote · glory – white wheat beer", "Grote · crazy – strong beer", "Grote · brilliant black wheat beer", four different flavors.