nterpretation of the logistics of the nternet Courier is only a small part of demand

Ma Yun said: logistics needs to be a pedestrian to stir." His objective was achieved, no matter how well the Alibaba eventually, he raised a "platform" banner, let the boss had to take all the logistics, the logistics industry of the Internet from the bud into the trend, in this trend, who can quickly complete the Internet, who will be able to get tickets in the electronic commerce.

e-commerce by the end of 2010, in a special way so that everyone focused on the logistics industry. "There is a very appropriate analogy" commercial value magazine publisher Liu Xiangming’s article: "2010 domestic e-commerce hot, before the new year was hard to step on the foot brake". Who is it, of course, is to keep up with the logistics services.

unmet needs in such unexpected way, usually means a sudden coming industry inflection point. Because, China logistics this express is changing the engine at this time – from manufacturing driven to e-commerce driven.

logistics from To B to To C

my vision, the first accurate prediction of this trend is not the logistics industry, but Alibaba. 3 years ago, I told Alibaba group chief of staff, once asked his advice on logistics, he succinctly replied: we think the logistics from To B to To C."

The modern logistics industry Chinese is about

in the last century at the end of 90s started, in the new century coming, the "logistics" of the story in the logistics industry almost All the world knows., is the story of a private logistics enterprise to provide the whole process of logistics services for manufacturing companies such as Procter & Gamble and success. Now, the protagonist of the story of Baogong boss is already a billionaire of the National People’s Congress, the national logistics industry organizations to solve problems regulations have formed a proposal by him. In the past 10 years, there are many similar Baogong logistics enterprises developed in a similar way. It can be said that over the past 10 years, the manufacturing industry is the main driving force of today’s logistics industry.


in 2010, another company became the first China ran ten billion yuan scale of private logistics enterprises, it is good luck. In fact, the last 1 years of growth, more than the total size of the SF 10 years of accumulation of p.. And this growth basically comes from Zeng Ming said, To C". It not only gave birth to the SF, but also created a total size of over one hundred billion yuan of logistics enterprise group.

, however, why from To B to To C, for a more powerful engine, logistics instead of stepping on the brakes?

from To B to To C, not just a simple transfer of demand, but dozens of times, is the first hundred times the demand amplification. A simple example: a typical convenience store with at least 1000 people a day. Support store sales on this day, just need every night