Shopex’s my shop open marketing initiatives

continues to provide users with valuable service! Has been "I shop"   unremitting pursuit, in order to allow members to better operate their own independent shop, the master system operation mode, currently launched a "big marketing" service, "according to my shop staff said, this time they and other companies to provide marketing services is a completely different, other marketing services company was a one-off for the user to provide marketing services, and" I shop "which is tailored for the user, and is a member in the" from my shop "the professor began a phased user open shop the skills and operation mode, including search engine optimization, online optimization, content analysis, online advertising and marketing, and competitor activities, senior VIP official gift Help manual, PR version of the brand communication, etc., is a real constant to provide users with valuable services!

primary store EMS optimization recommendations – based on user products to provide recommendations to improve the user experience

Although there are many

users want to open independent shop, but when you really have a shop, but do not know how to optimize, such as how to describe the shop more likely to be included in Baidu, how to add popular tags can increase the amount of clues, the shop can improve the search keyword how to write to the frequency and so on, and my "optimization the shop is open early taught in the member to give members how to store the most basic.

analysis of competitors, the enemy awareness


members grasp the primary optimization skills, shop flow will slowly increase, analysis is crucial to shop early traffic analysis and competitor, but many members only know the flow number, but did not know that traffic is coming from there, their potential customers hidden in what place, and this time it must be with PV digital and competitor analysis, and "I" shop operators will teach members analyzing how to flow through, for example, come from those places that click on the number of the personnel, the quality of competitors who they are by what means of promotion, the click is invalid. To help members understand competitors at the same time, to determine the direction and promotion after the target user group,

advertising marketing – gold advertising + activities to enhance the visibility of the site

when the members of the primary master optimization method and flow analysis, "I shop" for members from the most basic of how to choose advertising to advertising language settings, and provide free advertising for a display for the user, make the use of advertising to get a huge flow of members, and further by the flow into the actual income.

SEM Advanced Optimization Marketing – "organization" and "polymerization" effectively improve the key word ranking!

and other members of the top three after the master, shop traffic will have a substantial increase, this time, my shop