Yi Chong nternational Mall entrepreneurial new choice

March 15, 2014, the new version of the consumer protection law, the official implementation of the new regulations, seven online shopping regret right most attention. With the rapid development of e-commerce in recent years, online shopping disputes are increasing. From before the seven day return to the new "seven days no reason to return, this is undoubtedly a good thing for the majority of online shopping is Master. But for most of the electricity supplier sellers are a small challenge. The implementation of the new regulations will undoubtedly increase the amount of return, which means that the seller needs more corporate costs to deal with the pressure of these returns.

e-commerce as a new sunrise industry, more and more people want to join the industry to share a cup of soup. As entrepreneurs, how to reduce investment risk and maximize the benefits of it? It is understood that joining Yichuang International Mall, all sales of products do not need to bear the cost of the franchisee a penny, nor do not purchase goods, the buyer pay the franchisee to charge. There is no need to worry about customer service, Yichuang International Mall 24 hours service all day long service, headquarters will be paid to solve all the quality problems of products sold. Therefore, the implementation of the new "law", and not to echung international franchisee any pressure.

e-commerce from 1997 to today, after more than 10 years, has gradually formed a relatively mature online shopping environment. From the perspective of development in the long term, the implementation of the new "law" will surge in returns but also, encourage more people to join in online shopping. Electricity supplier development prospects are bright. As a new industry, investors need to carefully choose to join the brand, can not blindly follow the trend. Yi Chong International Mall as a project of e-commerce platform has a good reputation in the industry, this is a very good choice.

Yi Chong International Mall http://s.00995.com/ is different from before the simple online shopping mall online shopping mall, it is all a re integration, which also makes online shopping information more clear and clear. It is understood that the current international echung mall has 600 well-known business cooperation, the use of distribution channels to sell thousands of goods, can earn 5% to 40% of the Commission, annual income is very objective. Join the International Mall and not Yichuang overnight, it provides investors with a rational business platform, fundamentally help investors steady, leading entrepreneurs.