Liu Xingliang can e-commerce say no to search engines

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take micro-blog, in the hands of our ordinary people, it is a social tool, is a propaganda platform, but in the hands of a particular person, it is a gun, a spear. Even to those special people, Li Guoqing is definitely the most special one. In his spear gun head, there is a long list, especially with investors is a series of wars create a great sensation. Up to now, the last name of the list was "Baidu".

called Baidu people, according to seniority or, or whether it is ranked in order of arrival, in which way, Li Guoqing will be far behind. It can be said that Baidu is not a curse of the news, the reason for concern, because Li Guoqing took a special way. This way, far beyond the scope of the war of words.

this is a murder caused by micro-blog. March 17th, Dangdang Li Guoqing in its Sina blog, said from the beginning of April 1st will stop advertising in Baidu, Baidu also mentioned his price, Baidu marketing and other aspects of dissatisfaction. Then the media quickly followed up, Li Guoqing said Baidu voted to stop advertising issue was reported, which led to great concern in the industry.

Li Guoqing after this continues to be very high-profile, continuous speech. In many of the comments, I am most interested in is Li Guoqing micro interview: B2C is not so dependent on search engines.

This is a murder case caused by

of micro-blog, is composed of 50 writers raised the issue of the joint prosecution. There are a large number of users to upload books in Baidu library, which not only affects the writers royalty income, also affected the Chinese as the largest online bookstore results from the competition point of view, there is a contradiction between Dangdang and Baidu. In addition to the perspective of competition, Li Guoqing in order to curry favor with publishers, writers and other industrial chain upstream, scolded Baidu, is very understandable. As for the said funds to support the action, you can be seen as a speculation, more can be seen as entertainment, because everyone knows that costs not spend some money, for Li Guoqing had one successful world standing in the streets of New York, it is be nothing difficult.

above all, combined with the consistent performance of Li Guoqing’s classmates in micro-blog, you can use hovering between 1 and 3 the number of explanations. However, the decision to stop advertising Baidu, but can not simply use this figure to explain. Is it really as Li Guoqing said, e-commerce has not been so dependent on search engines now, e-commerce can search engine to say no,


CNNIC data show that in 2010 the search engine utilization reached 81.9%, search engine users up to 380 million people, becoming the world’s largest application, becoming the main user portal. IResearch report shows that in 2010 China’s search engine market size has reached 10 billion 980 million yuan, compared to the first year of 2009, an increase of 6 billion 960 million year on year, search engines accounted for the overall network advertising market >