Jingdong in Guangzhou to expand the low-key in Guangzhou fun cross-border electricity

11, just in charge of the new division of Wang Xiaosong, vice president of the Department of Jingdong from Beijing to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport comprehensive bonded zone. At the same time, there are also from Chile’s blueberry, Tasmania car seed.

There is only Jingdong

Wang Xiaosong mall and Guangzhou Jiangnan Yi trade limited liability company (hereinafter referred to as the "Jiangnan Yi") jointly opened the first domestic cross-border bonded warehouse fresh import platform, and hope that the Jingdong fresh as the inflection point, accelerate overseas direct mining.

compared to Alibaba, Tencent, vip.com, millet and other Internet companies to establish Internet headquarters in Pazhou group in Guangzhou to expand rash and too much in haste, Jingdong is relatively low-key. Push the Internet innovation agglomeration in the power of "Millennium" in the national electricity supplier chair of the second Jingdong and how is


beach landing FTA, Airport Economic Zone

fresh electricity supplier is considered to be the last piece of blue ocean, but fresh electricity supplier on the cold chain logistics costs, but it is the pain point of the industry as a whole, and Jingdong in this one, the choice of the difficulties. 11 pm, Jingdong fresh self storage in Baiyun Airport comprehensive bonded area Cargo Station unveiled.

Zhang Hefeng, director of

Jingdong fresh food sales department, Jingdong cooperation in the cross-border bonded area of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, there are 3, a total of more than 2000 square meters, which belongs to Jingdong self accounted for 1/3.

partners Guangzhou Jiangnan fruit and vegetable wholesale market chairman Ye Canjiang said, once the supply of Tasmania cherries of the British royal family, in accordance with the commercial cruise speed, from Australia to Beijing at least 10 days or half a month. The Jingdong is through cross-border bonded warehouse in Guangzhou Baiyun Airport overseas direct mining of imported fruit, and then after multiple testing procedures within the Jingdong cross-border warehouse, inspection and package delivery, the fastest process only 4 days.

as early as two months ago, in the distance from Baiyun Airport, Nansha bonded area of the harbor, Jingdong’s footprint frequent occurrence. Allegedly, Jingdong’s first global self purchasing logistics base in Guangzhou, Nansha start. At present, Jingdong Nansha global warehouse in the sale of more than 1 million 200 thousand kinds of goods, the number of more than 3000 brands, the number of stores more than 1000, the average daily shipments of 40 thousand single.

in the South and the north, were stationed in the FTA and the airport economic zone, the Jingdong is up to? Jingdong Guangzhou branch insiders said, the two storage base functions are different, the airport bonded warehouse with fresh self cold chain, engaged in the import of fruit, flowers, dairy products and services; Nansha global shopping base it is for today’s hot maternal and child products, cosmetics and diapers, combining with both become the overall planning for the future layout in advance.

three billion project landed in Guangzhou

in fact, Guangzhou is no stranger to Jingdong. 8 years ago, just over the age of 4 Jingdong group came to Guangzhou, the establishment of an independent accounting subsidiary of Guangzhou East Trading Co., Ltd., which is following the Ma Huateng