Beijing 20% group purchase net turnover fell 20% for two consecutive months

decreased the number of buy site began to have an impact on Beijing. Buy navigation website group 800 released statistics show that as of the end of November 3rd, the Beijing area to buy site 804, of which the 173 can not be opened, accounting for the total number of 20%. Compared with September, Beijing buy site increased by 64, but in the normal state is reduced.

data show that after October, the group of 800 Beijing collection site number of up to 804, more than in September, the number of more than 740, an increase of about 8.6%. September Beijing a total of 105 buy site can not be opened, accounting for 14.2% of the total. October Beijing area can not be normal to buy the number of websites surged to 173, an increase of 64.7%, accounting for all of the group buying site of 21.5%. Beijing all buy site, more than 20% sites have been closed or not open. In addition, there are many webmasters did not have time to update or have been transformed.

relative to less than 10% of the growth rate, Beijing has ushered in the off peak group purchase website, to 8 times the quantity of additional metabolism. The industry believes that the group purchase "fire" gradually retreat, three lines, not only the excessive expansion of the four line of the city has great influence, but also spread to Beijing and other first-tier cities.

according to statistics, Beijing buy transaction volume continued to decline after shrinking in September, fell to 120 million yuan in October, a decrease of $30 million last month, continued to decline in the rate of 20%. IResearch consulting analyst Su Huiyan believes that Beijing buy market cooling, because the first tier market has been a large group of companies to buy the main battlefield, more intense competition.

public information, Beijing has been one of the most interested in the network group purchase group, Beijing is almost always the first group purchase website in domestic sales. The day before, group purchase site significantly abolished station or collapse, but the main battlefield of cooling group purchase "has been three line, four line city. Also, group purchase site closed trading volume declined phenomenon for the Beijing line market, Internet analyst Lin Jiapeng believes that Beijing is the most developed city China Internet, is the market trend, handle network after the failure of IPO makes businesses to realize group purchase by the sales scale has been difficult to burn for survival, so have the transformation or to find new way. The three or four line of the city is similar, but also because the domestic group purchase market had savage high-speed development, lost in the mass marketing support began to show signs of fatigue. On the other hand, from the business point of view, the impact of long-term discount value of the product experience, the group may not bring significant repeat customer effect."

group of 800 analysts believe that in September, in October to buy the turnover continued to decline, and the market reached saturation, buy products homogenization serious relationship. After a number of survival of the fittest and the industry’s self improvement, the spring Market in Beijing buy not too far.