SAC halted 11 double discount price cat and dog busy clearing


] November 6th news billion state power network, the latest learned billion state power network, has been in the business activities of the double 11 have received notice from the Jingdong, said to the self-employed and POP businesses today in the shop on the revocation of the reference price, the lowest price, discount and other information. This will result in a large number of promotional advertising platforms and businesses involved need to re design the marketing effect cast to waste.

merchant screenshot shows, the Jingdong has issued an emergency notice, said Industrial and Commercial Bureau requirements, will be prohibited from using discount business platform and reference price information, therefore, businesses must be in the shop today and undertake page all the "reference price" and "Jingdong" price "price" and other words are all removed; businesses can only retain promotional price.



Jingdong business received notification

according to the business broke the news, the General Administration of industry and Commerce news is not just Jingdong, including Tmall, including a number of electronic business platform are listed. "Just received the second notice, all the double 11 campaign page cannot appear" reference price "and" price tag "and" original "" discount "such words, two period before 18 today must be revised." B2C official website official said a bag.

noted billion state power network, the Jingdong, Tmall, Amazon, Dangdang, shop No. 1 public electricity supplier platform set off a series of double 11 promotion war, the use of the sensitive words advertising page, a few shops.

Jingdong as an example, its businesses and stores each product details page almost all marked "Jingdong" price, discount information directly with Tmall’s dual 11 promotional pages, such as "the 50 percent off" "more than" 50%off "at XXX, promotional price of XXX", and in the commodity details page. Will write a "counter price", but in fact, many Internet brand online no sales.






Tmall, Jingdong 11 copies of all kinds of promotional copy, product details page appears sensitive words

after receiving the notice, the business is advertising and promotional copy modify nonstop, as far as possible words related to shield. But part of the business has been put on promotional advertising may therefore be greatly reduced effect. In many businesses billion state power network communication, many businesses will invest 10% or more advertising costs, as leverage 11 double sales.

double 11 itself is a low price as a marketing gimmick, can not be directly reflected in the intensity of the discount on the copy, consumption >