General web site into a new channel for SME marketing

      statistical data, as of the end of October 2006, the number of small and medium-sized enterprises in China has reached about 42000000, but the current situation of small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing in China is not optimistic: enterprise website daily visits 75% very low. Faced with the extremely low efficiency of the current marketing situation, small and medium enterprises are in urgent need of an effective marketing.

Deputy Secretary General of the

Chinese Internet Network Marketing Association Working Committee Chairman Fan Feng said recently that the business on the Internet to find customers increasingly high cost, small and medium-sized enterprises are facing a how to lower the cost of finding more customer problems.

Fan Feng said that although the Internet advertising, PPC are effective marketing tool, but the small and medium-sized enterprise should according to their own actual, choose network marketing tools more cost-effective, and universal address emerging technology is very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.

generic URL advantage is that accurate and cost-effective. As long as the company registered for its own characteristics of the general web site, so long as the customer has consumer demand, it is possible to find the appropriate business through the internet.