Domain registrar (6) needs support in case of dispute

      domain name is the Internet public resources public address service, domain name registration is essentially the right to use a certain period of time purchased the domain name in the domain name because of public resources, so there will be different users according to the rules of intellectual property rights made use of a domain name dispute. This is the source of domain name disputes.

      explain here: the "IPv9 Chinese" and "decimal domain" is a "private agreement", from personal or private owned enterprises (have) network protocol, by a department certification, recommended for addressing public service standards, but it is not subject to the rules of ICANN the jurisdiction, not by the Ministry of information industry "Chinese Internet domain name management measures" restriction. Therefore, the "decimal domain" is a kind of neither on the operational mechanism of international norms, and does not conform to a "Ministry of information industry department regulations to standardize the management of offbeat".
      first, what is the domain name dispute
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      the "measures" the administration of Internet domain names Chinese:
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  the fourth chapter, the domain name dispute;              
      management mechanism thirty-sixth domain name registration may designate a neutral institution for resolving domain name disputes.
      thirty-seventh of any person registered or used the domain name to the domain name dispute resolution mechanism of complaints, and in line with the domain name dispute resolution provisions of the conditions, the domain name holder shall participate in the proceedings.