ndependent electricity supplier really can not live anymore

by the electricity market several dominant situation continues to develop, the ordinary people in the eyes of the concept of electronic commerce completed shop from electronic and network transactions to Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, replacing every guest, Suning and settled. People are more focused on the use of the existing electricity supplier platform, and before the fiery concept of independent electricity supplier has been put on the "not dead" shadow.

independent electricity supplier really can not live anymore,


from the business point of view, most people are entangled in how to do business, how to compete for a space for one person in the Internet, they are C stores, shopping mall, independent business which is more suitable for entry on the gloomy state, is a network of business electricity supplier, who can be willing to lose it? Not to mention the "materialistic farewell" businessman. C stores, shopping mall, independent business have their own advantages, and almost no coincidence, for most of the money does not reach the level of the "nouveau riche" who do not do business in terms of who, who to do after who became the most difficult choice. Seen in this light, the existence of independent electricity supplier value can not be ignored, at least not completely abandoned.

from the surface, the independent electricity supplier as congenitally deficient, premature infants, premature birth in the electricity market, those who always see the so-called experts because of improper methods of independent shops closed, insisted that independent business difficult, no doubt, rhetoric, let the unknown so people prohibitive. But a new pattern is always left in difficult circumstances: breakthrough, especially in the Internet industry, the most easy to create such a myth, when Ma Taobao, how many people are optimistic about the year? Ma Huateng four fund-raising and how many people watch? Jingdong is one day grow? Where the customer is a day to sing hot right now? Independent business at this critical moment through spring.

independent electricity supplier constitutes an important part of China’s electricity supplier ecosystem

most businesses because of the weak basic knowledge of e-commerce, lack of awareness of independent business, there is widespread independent electricity supplier market to save the single point of view, in fact, in the market environment change unpredictably, without any kind of profit can be lonely and grow, interlocking relationship, close links to cast the hard market barriers. The joy of success. Once the independent electricity supplier to work together with partners, will play unparalleled power. I understand that in recent years, many electricity providers have proposed electricity supplier ecosystem model of independent electricity supplier, C stores, shopping mall, mobile, multimedia business form, some is put forward from the electricity supplier market, some is put forward from the industry point of view, there is proposed from the perspective of the beneficiary…… One of the most impressive is the electronic commerce housekeeper 366EC head Wang Hao proposed "three-dimensional layout, full coverage and a wide range of the electricity supplier ecosystem.

as shown below, a good supplier ecosystem must be strategic layout with the pattern of thought, is an enterprise business finally to achieve the goal, otherwise the electronic commerce brings him just a new channel, and >