Where is the road of Chinese University campus network shopping

, the first major industry brand campus activities raging like a storm.

there is no doubt that China’s 27 million college students market, many businesses are optimistic about. Each big brand operators is killed every year resorted to exhaust all the skills, inextricably involved in the new school time, such as the field of communications three operators, China Mobile, China Unicom, Chinese China Telecom the leading position for several years. Among them, China Mobile a slight advantage, especially the M-Zone successful launch, Jay Chou’s perfect endorsement completely conquered countless boys and girls, of course, the line is full of Kung Fu sponsored numerous, campus activities during the. 2009 Tianyi turned out to take away most of the country, the Telecom is also under the foot, in each big university publicity column is crazy for advertising, it is only that telecom operators do, any other brands are difficult to match. However, Tianyi debut, internal heat is not in place, but not the quality of advertising marketing, must first staking.

in addition to the field of communication, in previous years, the most fire is a financial enterprise. Freshmen every year, the major state-owned banks, commercial banks are you stop me and other fields, there is no technical content, we fight is who do more credit cards, who send gifts. In this regard, the financial sector than the operator is not a difference of one or two grades. The author of the company’s boutique campus campus planning activities to promote the implementation of the program, in 2008, the two banks for the service, deep feelings. The planning of the brand competition debate for ICBC capital ICBC, it was on the eve of the Olympic Games, boutique campus through Municipal Committee relationship (Secretary of the Municipal Youth League Committee Liu Jian is an Olympic volunteer minister), to plan a "harmonious Beijing, Olympic pioneer" brand activities, this activity has been the strong support for the leadership. Before the industrial and Commercial Bank of China did not do what activities in the campus, so special attention from the press conference to debate the topic, very seriously, the middle period and the emergence of Wenchuan earthquake, the organizing committee quickly adjust according to the actual situation of the game ‘s process to do a lot of planning, finally very successful. When the finals in Peking University, the major leaders are present, the host is CCTV Zhang Shaogang and Li Sisi presided over, the last television station also broadcast. This activity can be said that the financial sector than the largest campus activities, the bank invested millions. Later, the Bank of communications is naked, direct landing card, and into the dormitory, is very low, the students still do not buy it.

in addition to telecommunications finance, other brands in the campus investment is more cautious. Most of the activities under the promotion of the line, the scale is relatively small. Often into the campus is one of the few, such as FMCG Kangshifu, unity, sports brand Nike, Lining, the New Oriental Education Industry, electronic products, Lenovo, HP, in addition to these brands in other industries are occasional lectures, such as recruitment. Few big moves.

second, campus public relations company difficult to have a big.

in 2007, I led the Peking University, people