1 store a number of senior positions to mobilize WAL-MART electricity supplier team settled

recently, a number of 1 stores, vice president of the level of executive positions to mobilize, there are also WAL-MART electricity supplier team stationed in store 1 executives. At the same time, WAL-MART home category own brand Ming court, love Yi election SE also quietly embarked on the No. 1 store shelves, and marked the WAL-MART owned goods, shop No. 1 exclusive network sales.

yesterday, 1 shop insiders to the first financial daily confirmed the news.

in August this year, WAL-MART holding 1 of the transaction was approved by the Ministry of commerce. The former holds the latter shares from the original 17.7% to $51%. October, WAL-MART announced that the integration with the 1 shop is underway.

Shop No. 1 according to insiders confirm, shop No. 1 Dongdong financial vice president Guo served as vice president of food and beverage, former vice president of human resources, Liang Yong served as vice president of business ethics. The original positions of these two positions were previously WAL-MART e-commerce team members Song Youwen and Dai Qing took over.

, according to reports, WAL-MART home products have a "bright court", "SE", "happy home" three brands. The top two brands landing Shop No. 1, is regarded as a new starting point and WAL-MART No. 1 store started electricity supplier cooperation. At present, the "Ming Court" in the 1 store sales of kitchen tools, storage products, tea, wine, cleaning supplies hundreds of products, there is a small part of the product is available for the first time in the China market, and only in 1 stores.

WAL-MART’s own brand of commodity prices, will remain online and offline." According to the Department of the 1 store products, the source said: has not yet been granted, Jane and other WAL-MART brands stationed in store No. 1 news.

Yu Gang, chairman of

1 store has said that with the depth of cooperation between the two sides, shop No. 1 will share the advantages of WAL-MART’s supply chain and logistics resources. The day before, WAL-MART China CEO high Fu Lan said in an interview, at present, the supply chain system of WAL-MART will not integrate Shop No. 1. He believes that WAL-MART’s supply chain is the direct delivery of goods to the market with large trucks, and the 1 shop is directly sent to the customer’s doorstep. Both of the distribution system is completely different, it is difficult to integrate, so in a short time the two sides will use their own distribution system to meet different needs.