The matters needing attention in the process of electronic commerce logistics

before the article I have highlighted the importance of user experience, user experience including pre-sale, sale three aspects of customer service, and customer service, logistics businesses are often forgotten and neglected, so today to share with you is the matters needing attention in the process of electronic commerce logistics distribution package in.

1, collect Express single

the recipient after the courier, the signature to determine the total number of charge, express a single, this must not be forgotten.

(1) logistics company received peak is 5 pm to 9 pm, so the courier receipt in after war like ran back to the company headquarters, there will inevitably occur, or the loss of a run on the way, so be sure to confirm the total number of packages in their collection;

(2) don’t trust the courier, of course, we believe that most of them are good, but there are still one or two points to note, if you do not receive the courier, then you smoke less or more easily, will eat you.

2, one vote more than

for more than one vote the way, the most important is to clear the express no.. Each package should use big color pen, clearly marked out the main single tracking number. This is because the courier every day to face hundreds of goods, in order to just do not make mistakes (send the wrong or missing faction), we only have their own first hit the needle, so the more clear the better marks.

3, wrapped

our goods wrapped in the hands of the courier, at least to reverse the reversal, handling more than five times, it can be imagined, there is no strong packaging is not able to bear the pressure. In particular, express orders, relying solely on the back of the rubber surface is not enough, so we in the packaging, not only to strong packaging boxes, newspapers, but also pay attention to the use of sealing glue to strengthen cohesion.


4, distribution precision

must have a lot of people have had this experience, logistics address precision, but the actual delivery process is sent to other areas. To prevent the occurrence of such a situation, we must first understand the logistics delivery process. The logistics company is taken down pull rules, so we have to prevent the package delivery error, the best in the courier address will be printed, the district and county main address information in bold, black print, to attract the logistics staff, the courier distribution of attention, to avoid mistakes.

in addition, there are some peer summary of the experience of logistics parcels, and share:

1, sub regional package, their best people themselves to prevent leakage;

2, big head color identification effect is best;

3, the parcel from the logistics warehouse to the hands of users to transfer 8-10 times;

4, bad package, crush >