Dining O2O four hurdles, want the past is not easy!

Some people say that O2O is not Zanghuoleihuo blame

, see O2O service company to push the staff hard, the authors determine that this is a "Sichuan" road. Do catering O2O need to have four levels: first, the system management control war; two, marketing war; the war of service, three, the war of payment.

Some people say that O2O is not Zanghuoleihuo blame

, see O2O service company to push the staff hard, I am sure this is a "Sichuan" road.

of the National Bureau of statistics data show that in March 2015 the national food and beverage revenue total value of 745 billion 810 million yuan (January 2015 – March 2015), such a huge market, how could the Internet Co did not nail this "seamed eggs"

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line under its own competition outside the restaurant, the restaurant itself is also in the continuous occurrence of war, and the war, cannot do without self-interest, cannot do without Internet Co, cannot do without the participation of customers, they have to, but in the "swamp", difficult choices, pain and happiness after all, some people do not want to several customers? Restaurant seems to be spectators, but is closely related to.

a, system management control war

ERP system has been stationed in various restaurants inside, and then a small restaurant will basically have their own ERP system. In the Baidu search catering ERP system can see the above 8 Baidu promotion information, the right to promote the 8 information, the following three Baidu promotion information, which is not difficult to infer the fiery market.

of course, ERP system catering has been regarded as a relatively mature market, although more confusion, the ERP system for the large and small restaurants have thousands of homes, but the restaurant needs to function or to meet, but the price expensive.

before the traditional form of ERP, is not a war. The problem now is that WeChat’s invasion, WeChat open to the functions of the restaurant, the restaurant can realize personalized management, while businesses only through the interface and WeChat on the line, although most restaurants do not have this technology, but a very obvious characteristics, led by WeChat, is the traditional Internet Co restaurant management system is to change their impact, or to resist, it is a difficult problem. The restaurant is facing the choice is to continue to use the traditional ERP system, or to accept WeChat and other Internet Co model.

Internet Co and traditional ERP manufacturers in the management of the restaurant system on the battle for control, which is the most basic of the B end of the entrance, but also the most likely to generate money. The existing situation is the traditional ERP vendors rely on the control of the restaurant for many years to gain the upper hand, but how long it takes to gain the upper hand is unknown.

two, marketing war

remove ERP system to restaurant >