The feast of capital docking Entrepreneurs entrepreneur capital operation training camp in August op


only for the annual turnover of 50 million enterprises and opening up a new period of operation of entrepreneur capital training camp will be in August 28th opening, this is the sixteenth period, before the 15 phase of the popular to some extent confirms the strong desire of the demand for capital of entrepreneurs.

by the Institute of International Education ( sponsored by the capital operation division Specialized Committee, private equity partner, Specialized Committee, President of Specialized Committee operating capital enterprise entrepreneur training camp, entrepreneurs have been widely hailed as "BRIC course", have the "brick". In the teacher, hundreds of billions of Regal, the top investment bank and PE fund, and entrepreneurs to participate in learning are the special learning mode and training pattern of teachers and friends, creating a continuous hot scene operation entrepreneur capital training camp.

learning: blunt capital operation and come

entrepreneurial capital operations training camp, the hot, many entrepreneurs are admitted to the students are rushing to capital operation and come.

"when the enterprise funds reached a certain level, began to encounter development bottleneck, one is in the hands of funds, how to make good use of funds; two is the development of the scale, to further expand, how to find the appropriate funds; three are listed as strategic thinking, knowledge capital operation has become an urgent desire." Some entrepreneurs express this view.

from Chinese United Network Communications Corporation Beijing Shenghua Tak Investment Company, China National Chemical Corp Beijing wanxuntong Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Fujian Provincial People’s government, the international trust, Bode equity group, Beijing capital investment, in the new group, and China BAMC Pharmaceutical Group, Beijing jinlifang investment, Haitong Securities, real estate, ABB China, Beijing Hankou Beijing super software, Zero2IPO group of venture capital fund, Dibenya pharmaceutical, beauty, energy, non the Great Wall pharmaceutical science and technology, Chinese Huaxing Group ‘a long list of students in school executives on the list, you can feel the strong demand of enterprise capital operation.

course: covering the most popular strategic areas

"in the course, we cover as much as possible entrepreneurs on the capital operation of the high level needs of the same period, students from enterprises, investment banks, government, banks and other departments, executive circle of contacts, contributed to many of their cooperation." Liang Haihu, President of the international education association.

operation of entrepreneur capital training camp curriculum includes core courses of tax macroeconomic situation, the stock market, capital operation, enterprise planning, trap and prevention of mergers and acquisitions and financial restructuring, investing in the stock market, futures market, private equity investment, foreign exchange risk and investment, enterprise financial risk investment, a total of ten areas, "the special learning mode training + + + network consultant finance knowledge", has been widely recognized by entrepreneurs.

platform: powerful mentor lineup help success

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