Xiao Hanning look forward to the rural electricity supplier way better

recently, Suixi County Alibaba group and Zhanjiang reached a strategic cooperation, explore the new mode of business development, intends to build Suixi into the West’s first Taobao county". This means that more and more people in rural areas of Suixi, will have the opportunity to carry e-commerce this trip express rapid development. With the increasing demand in rural areas and the expansion of market development, the electricity supplier has embarked on a farmer’s line, in-depth farmers, farmers. We hope that the rural electricity providers go better.

on the one hand, farmers demand increased, trading behavior is not only limited in the real environment, with the information science and technology can also surf the Internet, electricity providers involved in the right time; on the other hand, farmers through hard farming, planting and harvesting labor products, electricity supplier in the promotion, will be more can easily sell than a single way in the past, but also not inferior in terms of price. In addition, under the strong support of national policy, the rural development of the world is more broad, rural electricity providers are facing major opportunities.

, however, the rural electricity supplier to do bigger and stronger also face some difficulties. The reality is that rural road construction will directly affect the electricity supplier logistics distribution efficiency, if the rural road network is not perfect, all kinds of traffic tools are not complete, the agricultural products not shipped out, it will affect the effect of the electricity supplier. At the same time, the electricity supplier can also be regarded as a technical activity, if farmers do not have some basic knowledge of the network, not familiar with the use of the network, will also affect the efficiency of electricity supplier. So, increase the power of rural electricity supplier training, so that more farmers grasp the imminent network technology.

in view of this, the development of rural electricity providers to work in hardware, software. Hardware, is to improve the rural electricity supplier supporting service facilities and equipment, including transportation, logistics, network coverage, etc., to be targeted to combine the characteristics of rural electricity providers to strengthen and improve. The software, is to do a good job of rural electricity supplier propaganda, guidance, personnel training, and actively to impart basic knowledge of business farmers, many organizations will promote the common development of the electricity supplier propaganda, rural electricity supplier, while improving the employment rate of rural development in rural development in the world.

is looking forward to the first "Taobao Yuexi county" in both the local characteristics at the same time, to allow farmers to achieve effective catch-up in the electronic commerce Zhetang "express".