White horse O2O model, creating a new model of clothing wholesale marketing

with the increasing popularity of e-commerce in the clothing marketing, the major brands of clothing companies have invested in the ranks of network marketing. A new marketing model O2O model, is gradually becoming a new round of apparel marketing model.


what is the O2O mode

what is the O2O model? Someone might ask. O2O mode is not only different from the traditional e-commerce B2C model, but online to offline sales model. It is also called the amount of payment in the network, thus buying a new model of the goods or services in the store. To achieve an effective interaction between online resources and store resources, to achieve the purpose of providing sales. At the same time, consumers pay the amount on the network, to the store to choose clothing can be avoided in the process of online shopping, clothing type and style does not match the requirements of the replacement and other inconvenient behavior, more convenient consumer activities.

brand clothing electricity supplier how to run O2O mode

as a brand clothing, white horse O2O model has a good advantage to promote sales. Especially for has many chain stores in the brand clothing business, online payment, pick up the line model, more invigorated the stores operating funds, the positive impact on the promotion of effective utilization of the resources, the overall sales drive.

O2O model for the promotion of the brand also played a favorable role in promoting. Through the promotion of traditional physical stores combined with the network model of publicity, so that more consumers in a timely manner to grasp the information of the product, so as to achieve the promotion of the brand. For the brand clothing business also has a certain initiative.

so the O2O model will undoubtedly be a new mode of leading apparel sales.