Lanting Pavilion is a potential die, foreign trade business was also push back the giant

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recently, Lanting Pavilion set potential for two things to be pushed to the center of public opinion, one is Zhang Jingchu boyfriend exposure, the other side was one of the founders of the Lanting Pavilion is the cardinality of oncidium. Another thing is that the Lanting Pavilion set potential suffered financial crisis. According to the daily economic news reports, Beijing, a Lanting Pavilion set of potential employees claimed that, from June to August, most of the Lanting Pavilion set of potential employees only the basic salary, the cardinality of Lanting Pavilion has more than 500 staff, the company began to face financial crisis.

once the Lanting Pavilion set potential

LightInTheBox was founded in 2007, is the first three people: Liu Jun and Zhang Liang, oncidium. Liu Jun is a former deputy general Zhang Liang for excellence, former executives of NetEase, after becoming the excellence and Dangdang supplier of Oncidium is one of the Chinese the executive blog. In addition, also including Google was still in Chinese Guo quji. Guo left Google after China, officially became chairman and LightInTheBox CEO.

Lanting Pavilion cardinality is the beginning of foreign trade to do the wedding, the wedding is expensive, cheap wedding dress has a domestic sales in the foreign countries, Lanting Pavilion set potential also won his first pot of gold.

Lanting Pavilion collection of the founder of the B2C optimistic about this opportunity, so in the above force, the main foreign trade. 2013, Lanting Pavilion set potential in the NYSE listed, became the first foreign trade sales site.


Lanting Pavilion set potential is born the Internet, Guo Quji also from the original Google Chinese, the beginning of a long period of time, they put all the money earned, the total investment to purchase Google AdWords (commonly known as "Google on the right side of the advertisement", through the keyword search and display on the right side of the link, the purchase of advertising) about 300 thousand English keywords, once in the second half of this year to achieve sales of $2 million. The Lanting Pavilion set potential, Google AdWords and SEO (search engine optimization is a kind of objective to improve website ranking in the search engine in the way of using search engine rules) is the main promotion methods, the company mainly through the chain to provide search sponsors to obtain users’ attention.

But Lanting Pavilion

set of potential growth is also accompanied by some bad words, "LightInTheBox Fake" is one of the most obvious signs, fake fake has become its major products. This way, both for the Lanting Pavilion set potential earn huge profits, also became restricting its development constraints.

Alibaba fast pass, eBay and other constraints

giant through a lot of money to fight a price war, which is some companies can not afford to play, but also the most powerless to resist. What’s more, the giants have more than these advantages.

Lanting Pavilion set potential of the basic business model is a multinational B2C, with Google promotion, with Paypal payment, with U>