Some problems in e-commerce network marketing

first, customer purchases.

in the network marketing, the customer only through the virtual network to understand the product information, can not determine the quality of the experience of the product, affect the purchase decision. Search products are more suitable for network marketing, and the experience of the product, whether it is suitable for network marketing depends on other characteristics of the product. Many network marketing websites try to restore the traditional shopping conditions, let the customer shopping experience, but can not be achieved in traditional market products, buyers and merchants brought face-to-face pleasure. Clothing, especially women’s clothing is a commodity of this type, which is determined by the consumer habits of the user group. Customers are most worried about is the quality of the product is guaranteed, availability is timely, once the problem can be resolved through legal means, and the supplier is most worried about the problem is whether the timely recovery of the payment. At present, China’s business reputation system has not yet been established, which will become the most important issue of electronic transactions on the internet. Therefore, in e-commerce, the price of the product has become another factor affecting the adaptability of network marketing.

second, the product can be added cognitive level.

information plays an important role in the purchase decision of the consumers, and is the basis of the direct purchase decision. The product can effectively describe the pure information, and is accepted by the customer, is a by-product of the informatization level decision, because the network can not be purchased like shopping at the scene that experience, so the customer has paid more attention to the quality of the products. It is precisely because of the quality of products, many customers are willing to buy those standardized products.

third, the traditional cognitive level.

high brand awareness of enterprises or products has been proven, reliable quality products genuine goods at a fair price, quite well-known brand information is equivalent to a full recognition of customers, customers can buy online with the convenience of the network. Daily consumer goods brand awareness is not high, but through the inspection in traditional markets have a lot of information on the network, which make up the defect of information expression by products daily to provide information, customers can use the network more efficient to buy their own products.

fourth, after sales service.

customer service service products are sold, sales by manufacturers to provide paid or unpaid focusing on products in the installation process of debugging and maintenance, technical and quality issues consulting, customer communication and visits and other services. In today’s fierce competition in the market today, after-sales service has become an important factor to attract customers and consumers. The material independence of the product is that the product is sold, the business is no longer responsible for the quality of the product, no longer around the product for subsequent services. The need for after-sales service as an important added value of the product, because part of the after-sales service can not be carried out through the network, through the network marketing is meaningless. Therefore, the product with good material independence has a great advantage in network adaptability. Some products need