The network and selling chain pursuit ultra low cost hidden behind the interests of the chain

a market value of more than 1000 yuan of Adidas new sports shoes, a shop selling price of only more than 300 yuan, buyers from all over the country and even abroad.

addition, LV wallet 500 yuan, 200 yuan from the Swiss watch, some of the online trading platform of "cheap" price for many consumers in droves.

but in the ultra low price behind a more hidden interests of the chain of producing and selling fake products. Fujian police recently uncovered numerous cases of fake goods network, covering the merchandise shop, involving hundreds of billion yuan.

In an interview with a local

"Outlook" news weekly reporter learned that some city along the southeast coast of the small workshops, small enterprises, mass production of the well-known brands of counterfeit infringing products, through a two wholesalers, sales to the shop operators, shop operators through the online trading, express transportation, the infringing products to the nation and abroad sales.

traffic blowout

depression for a long time in Fuzhou Mawei District Jun bamboo village shoe market, in 2011 ushered in a sudden business volume blowout".

due to the rapid development of online shopping, in the more than 1 thousand square metres of small shoe market, shuttle less shoes since the purchase of ordinary consumers, is the wholesale purchase shop operators and express company employees.

local people familiar with the situation, the courier sent to the country’s footwear every single up to more than 1000, but the dragons and fishes jumbled together.

Fuzhou City Public Security Bureau Mawei Bureau of economic investigation battalion Lin Liang told reporters here, a large number of sales of counterfeit famous brand sports shoes and apparel, including Nike, Adidas, Lining, CONVERSE, Puma etc.. "Online transactions become a new channel for selling fake goods, set up shop in sites such as Taobao, from 100 yuan to 300 yuan price of the sale of infringing goods."

local police investigation found 3 criminal gangs selling them in Guangdong, Fujian, Putian and other places to purchase a large number of cheap fake brand-name products, also registered dozens of "Taobao merchants" in, through QQ, telephone number, sales of the brand.

according to the public security department, the public offering of these shops are some of the well-known brands of new footwear, apparel, high degree of simulation, fine workmanship, it is difficult to find the authenticity of ordinary consumers. Shop operators according to the number of orders received every day, to a higher level of wholesalers or manufacturers to adjust the goods, and then express delivery channels.

at the end of October 2011, Mawei public security authorities launched a unified action to close the net, arrested 14 suspects and seized a large number of well-known brands of counterfeit sports shoes, sportswear (pieces), nearly double the amount of money involved amounted to about 20000000 yuan.

according to the Fuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment responsible person, the trafficking network of the infringing products of a wide variety, including clothing, shoes and bags, tobacco, wine, cosmetics.