E-commerce observation Dangdang stop advertising on Baidu

dangdang.com CEO Li Guoqing announced at the micro-blog, because Baidu search results, wanton manipulation does not respect intellectual property rights and other monopolistic behavior, since April 1st this year, dangdang.com will stop advertising and search engine on Baidu. As China’s largest Internet search company, Baidu fully occupied the domestic search market has irreplaceable advantages. If you can in Baidu and Baidu related products in their own advertising, then click on your website traffic rate will have a rapid increase, but not all sites have a crush on Baidu, let’s look at the attitude of dangdang.com on Baidu.

Dangdang online shopping mall known as Chinese online audio books the world’s largest mall, offers nearly about 300000 Chinese books and audio-visual products, in November 1999 by the Beijing Information Technology Co., Ltd. dangdang.com started operations. December 8, 2010, Dangdang first landing in the U.S. stock market, attracting the attention of global investors. With the development of the mall Dangdang website gradually increase the small household electrical appliances, toys, network game cards and other products, is a large-scale integrated image of the development of online shopping.

Analysts of e-commerce professional

, providing a large number of users to upload books from Baidu dangdang.com also because Baidu library, affect the writers royalty income, at the same time relates to the online bookstore dangdang.com performance. So there are some contradictions between Dangdang and Baidu. In addition, now the network develops very fast e-commerce bubble serious, increase the sales of all kinds of shopping sites lead to fierce competition within the industry, and the Baidu Inc see this business improve the keyword bidding costs and advertising expenses. Dangdang listed companies, resulting in a decline in profits or may have been unable to withstand the current cost of promotion Baidu.

I think, after this event will have a certain impact on the electronic commerce website of Baidu keyword advertising delivery, for Baidu’s charges, believe that there are some other sites have different views and opinions, to a certain extent at least in the short term there may be some products or some websites take a wait-and-see attitude the more cautious choice of Baidu. Although this effect may be minimal for Baidu, but if Dangdang and the joint court of appeals to accept the words, Baidu to fight this lawsuit is inevitable. Finally, I still look forward to the development of e-commerce in China to embark on a more standardized highway. The house of Baidu A5 feeds, reproduced please specify the (http://s.baiduhome.net/a/baiduqixia/20110319/60791.html)

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