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angel investor Lei Jun in the analysis of B2C electronic commerce "three high" standard, namely high price high margin high purchase frequency, many entrepreneurs and investors look up to as the standard. Because the Mcglaughlin, Dangdang Nasdaq, now listed the highest voice of the electricity supplier top three — Jingdong, where customers, red children are from completely accord with the standard of 3C, clothing and baby field.

but some people do not believe this evil". Xu Xiaoping in the investment business projects, there are two in the "three high" standards against the extremely personal independence of conduct. Is a leisure food vertical mall "in November 22, 2010 officially launched the 12 point", the other one is half a month earlier, "cotton socks monopoly line".

if the 12 points is similar to "hold fast bag" of a category that the needs of the subdivision, then easily can buy 35 pairs of socks to online sell cotton, and is trying to catch what


first reached the Internet "Kingsoft

Feng Xin, Wang Feng, blue storm, Zhang Fumao is in kylin game…… In this batch of the same "Jinshan" entrepreneurs, the founder of CEO, D Lin Wei is undoubtedly a relative latecomer. From the start to read the website officially launched, "entrepreneur" title Lin Dai Shanggang Weicai for a full year, but he is the "first reached the Internet" Jinshan people.

"so, estimate the boss Lei Jun will not be happy, but I really think so." Wang Feng said half jokingly. Wang Feng and Lin Wei work together in Jinshan is not a long time, the king in 1996 to enter the Jinshan, Lin is his evening two years, when he was a product marketing manager, a channel marketing manager. In 2000, Lin Wei leave from Jinshan into a cool bid. But in the eyes of Wang Feng, Lin Wei has been a talk to friends, he enjoyed doing market from Lin Wei smart and studious, at the same time in the Jinshan Group of "wood louse", Lin seems to be a fashion. "This brand," Wang Feng pointed to wearing a Tim Berland T-shirt, smiled and said, "is he (Lin Wei) told me."


have to look left, Lin Wei chose to study in the uk. It was there that he saw the importance of the credit system, payment system, logistics system, and so on for the development of a mature e-commerce market. Until after returning home, he served as vice president of marketing in the aurora interaction, while the domestic electricity supplier continues to pay close attention to the field.

2008-2009, he heard more and more friends around to talk about the former boss of Lei Jun investment Jingdong where customers, as well as some other B2C business, re initiation of the "want to do something out of the idea. By the end of 2009, he found Wang Feng to discuss Wang Feng’s advice is "as long as the surrounding Xidan shopping malls have to go again, see what category is not on the Internet to sell, they brought onto the Internet to do, will become, and casually say that selling socks.