help you online shopping Taobao shop decoration several major points

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now online shop! Want to shop in their own unique, more competitive, so in the decoration work! I help you and share some online shopping experience! This afternoon to help


No. 1: why Taobao

shop decoration

if a buyer is found three stores to do comparison. If you shop decoration more professional buyers place ~ eye will naturally be your shop to attract ~ so you give the first impression of the buyers have a very good very profound ~ why TV advertising marketing spend to do so lost painting hyperactivity advertising? A few pictures is not easy for the ~ of course with the animation building visual effect ~ let you on their impressive


maybe you will say, I don’t like the decoration shop business is very good, it is of course, there is no light decoration for the goods quality for the ~ ~ king but a good commodity also may not be good for business ~ in the decoration on the work here will be talking about the baby. Describe the decoration ~ ~ ~ many sellers friends in the inside of the good description description template description ~ but write out of order, and, what buyers have the patience to see you write the things out of order? This is a misunderstanding ~ but many sellers friends in this van always wrong wrong ~ remember, not only for the decoration decoration shop ~ decoration but also you put your description of goods, write as much as possible, concise and comprehensive ~ baby pictures as far as possible, appropriate to put 35 piece in ~! You should always stand in the position of the buyers to decorate your shop, but also time to stop In the buyer’s position to run your business!!!

two, which places need to be renovated

now I know pat decoration generally includes: store banners, announcements, signage, classification, description, PU (change pat layout to achieve shop strokes + promotion area) also includes some details of the small decorative ~

shop decoration must not cover the whole feeling relaxed and happy ~ for buyers is OK ~ I personally feel that the decoration shop shop ~ classification and necessary for the banner! Now pat support two classification, classification of top if you use pictures to allow buyers to find faster ~ the goods they need. The banner for buyers to enter the shop you can see the first place to its value can not be ignored, must make good use of this visual decoration on resort! Baby description, I think not essential ~ also talked about above, many people describe the decoration but ignore the description of content decoration ~ so baby description is the key in the description of commodity content! Instead of template


on Taobao Pu decoration ~ the equivalent of the entire decoration shop, I can see the effect of shop home! (I think in advertising please do not enter!) it belongs to the decorative visual sense of the strongest! Because Pu decoration itself has changed the layout of the unique style of pat, Pu decoration Aesthetics needs! Well, more professional design capability, but also need to have HTML basis set. Beginners are carefully decorated ~ of course, you can also find a professional decoration shop custom or >