Wheat bags by flash purchase activate the main line under the brand counters

news October 23rd, according to the wheat bags official said, the official website of the boutique · flash sales channel since the end of August this year launched the harvest of good performance, not only increased the degree of active membership, also in the sales conversion rate for the whole station brought some improvement.


note: mouth monkey, dial the good brand bags were found in the wheat bags flash sales channels

billion state power network discovery, at present, wheat bags flash purchase business each period is about 5 to launch 8 key brands, and lasted for 3 days, and every day to update the contents of the next period and the activities of the notice. In the service, flash sales channels and other services, to provide cash on delivery, SF postage, 10 days unconditional return refund, speed 17 hours a day, online consulting service.

it is understood that the hypermarket form is different from previous mass brands and products, wheat bags flash purchase business bags featured a series of light luxury brands and offline brand counters, which counters the line brand is the focus of the development of business object.

Wheat bags

billion state power network login flash sales channels, in addition to the popular bag line brand and some overseas famous sports brand, brand products is also a large number of children involved in the business. For example, Taiwan, France Calvin brand handbags luggage brand DELSEY, tide brand Jworld, backpack bags for children brand Thomas& Friends, Adidas, Mianma story, music, travel Septwolves have successively in flash sales channels in wheat bags.

wheat bags official website operation director grouper to billion state power network, flash sales channels mainly for some stocks with relatively shallow depth of goods, in addition to authentic guaranteed, the price advantage is relatively large. Therefore, the higher the rate of conversion of flash purchase business, under normal circumstances can reach 3% to about 4%, and the overall channel sales accounted for a period of increasing trend.

however, grouper explained that the focus of flash purchase business is not in the distribution of wheat bags category, "this model has long been known to the public, and many businesses have tried, not too fresh. But from the channel’s performance, it is still very popular, the results are satisfactory."

of wheat bags, the introduction of the main purpose is to improve the flash purchase business station member activity. After that, the flash purchase page will gradually increase the choice of products, in the rich flash purchase brand, but also pay more attention to strengthen the brand’s flash purchase property products." Grouper said.