Murong wood Taobao mall new regulations have been under the boycott who will be the winner

October 10th, Taobao mall, the introduction of new regulations, some sellers dissatisfaction with Taobao new regulations, the channel in the YY organization of more than 3 thousand people using Taobao rules collective kuangpai big sellers of goods, at the same time using cash on delivery and then reject the way, reduce the cost, deadline last night (October 11th) at 11 oas/, seven princess, Han clothing and other shops have the beginning of the next frame, passive response to the riot act.

morning received the news, I was shocked, also continue to monitor the situation, see today that the situation continues to develop, to resist the number reached more than 3W, according to people watching habits, I think tomorrow will be more, of course I didn’t go there, although there are screenshots of YY channel no, I was afraid I was to become a member of the tens of thousands of sellers in.

a boycott of Taobao mall new regulations how many sellers


see a lot of friends are also read the relevant reports, I personally feel that the inside of a water, wrote many of our friends are illustrated, which further grasp this first hand, this is a good spirit, but you are also the "tens of thousands of sellers to boycott Taobao mall" as a member of plus, the crowd, read the report on the situation in the country is really a lot of attention, the crowd is strong, 3Q war under the crowd of mostly, in many SNS sites also protest 3Q war student protest tide, especially QQ two choose a decision by the. And then today, we look back, do you still QQ?

two, Taobao mall new regulations to resist this practice right?

on the Taobao mall whether the new regulations such as Ma Yun said that good, we cannot foresee the future, so Taobao mall regulations do not know right and wrong of me, but I want to say is, even if the new regulations should boycott Taobao mall, so when is defective in the practice. Are you the seller, and the seller attack, this is the same root, fratricidal? Even if Taobao mall is a heinous, bullying people corrupt, you can no way out against corrupt officials but not kill people, but he is also the people rich people.

when I was writing, a friend said Taobao would later restore data, attack just to protest, does not affect the credit situation of these stores later. This argument seems perfectly logical and reasonable, but this argument is untenable, your behavior is attacked, to recover the data that should be like you, at least not die before the attack it is influential, was forced to shut shop sellers at daily consumption cost and no income, I hope the event as soon as possible calm.

three, from the Taobao mall to see the new regulation of market fairness

has a lot of small sellers boycott Taobao mall is new, Taobao believes that the new regulations is money behavior, damage the interests of the seller is small and medium-sized, ignoring Ma’s statement and the official announcement from Taobao, the new regulations to see, really like killing small sellers, limit the seller, the seller. "