Township visit memoir those you do not know the truth of the rural Taobao

recently, Beijing heavy haze, from meishuguanhoujie 77 creative park to Jiao Zhen Nanxian factory in Yiyang City, Hunan Province, driving distance is 1454.4 kilometers, a number of HNX049 rural Taobao service station is located in the town. Mention Factory Town cellar, a lot of people have forgotten this 1943, killing more than 30 thousand Japanese soldiers, made shocked the changjiao massacre, the number of victims after the Nanjing massacre. Today, the town has long been calm, if not to visit the memorial, but also can not find the Chinese Internet is quietly expanding another existence: rural Taobao.

changjiao town belongs to the township, belonging to Nanxian, Nanxian is a county of Yiyang City, as I have been to more than and 200 cities are similar, where the pace of life is slow, but the entire county population of about 700000, with about one hundred thousand people working outside. Local residents can be used to describe the cabbage price at least 2000 yuan per square meters of commercial housing for most of the population still meet the eye everywhere, located in the township of similar plant pit, many farms, agricultural industries, such as plant pit there is a state of reed field, the production of reed is a good raw material for papermaking, and agricultural and sideline products is relatively abundant, rich rice, cotton, vegetables and aquatic products.

rural Taobao service station in the end what look like

without an appointment, the author visited the site of changjiao service, the service point of the dressing room is the village of Amoy homes in addition to my partner, also visited the village and Fiona million Yuanqiao service points, the two point has not yet officially opened, but the basic arrangement is in place. The actual area is about more than and 30 square meters, decorated with a unified rural Taobao VI shop door, rural Taobao services, equipped with an LCD TV, a desktop, unified table and shelf equipment in each village Amoy service station. It is reported that these are the local government in order to support the development of the local electricity supplier, given a unified configuration, and did not dig the service station staff pockets, well received.

similar service station, in the whole of Nanxian, a total of 48, although not opened, in fact, the village Amoy service station staff have begun to work. For example, changjiao service station, a rural aunt, sitting beside the computer store and pick a coat, on television, synchronizing village Amoy women’s coats page, and Zhen and village Amoy staff, is to help the villagers to buy online alcohol stove.

according to the site of the village of Amoy staff, they are all belong to the "village of Amoy partner, and the partner is, according to the unified interview, Ali and the county government examination, training, and preparation from more than and 900 candidates in the selection, not just for. The main responsibilities of the service station: 1, the first is to carry out the rural Taobao ground promotion, publicity. 2, to solve the problem of rural logistics, help the town folks buy goods to sell.

in fact, in addition to the above two problems, rural service station Taobao can solve other such as credit card payments, prepaid recharge, buy large appliances to buy, agricultural and other issues, on the surface.