Amoy Ocean how easy fun wireless train

mobile Internet gradually prosperous, Taobao in recent years to promote the mobile terminal, after all kinds of mobile terminals have become our necessities of life, and we take the mobile phone closely, idle time out to look at the video and browse the web plate. Taobao mobile phone downloads app store, Android long-term occupy the forefront of the market, but also bring the corresponding mobile terminal traffic more. As sellers, how do we cater to this opportunity today, Amoy blue ocean for a brief analysis.

we first look at the case of the case shop.

main baby specific circumstances:

promote early baby through train data:

Amoy blue ocean summary: pre baby just to promote the test, the click rate is relatively good, 1.41%, PPC is $0.36, but the conversion rate of only 0.27% (compared with the baby conversion rate is not much difference). The final ROI is only 1.04, of which the mobile terminal hit rate reached 4.29%, PPC only $0.21, ROI is 1.19. In view of this situation, we can take what kind of optimization strategy?

the overall idea is: to improve the mobile terminal traffic accounted for, reducing the PC side of the PPC, the baby’s overall traffic to the mobile terminal of the gradual transfer, to achieve the purpose of reducing the single baby PPC. Specific adjustment methods are as follows:

1, reduce time-sharing, increase the proportion of mobile terminal. Time sharing: the use of such a low proportion of 40%~60% launch, the premium ratio of the mobile terminal is increased from the previous 100% to 120%.

2, so that more keywords with a small cell phone logo. I believe many people have such a doubt, I pulled the mobile terminal premium ratio to 200%, but the mobile terminal traffic is still small, even said that almost No. At this time you can look back at the quality of your keywords, is not basically in 8 minutes or less, or the quality of key words to achieve a score of less than 8, or even higher than the score of 8.

The quality of

PC and mobile terminal integration, the level of quality is the key to your keywords can grab traffic, and this line is 8 points, this goes back to a topic keywords a commonplace talk of an old scholar — how to improve the quality, of course there are many, I combined with the promotion of this treasure, I use the following ways:

big 0 added, "dress" and "female dress", "summer dress" the tens of millions of millions of words to show not to add, low single baby hits;


keyword and directional split, due to the recent directional promotion to show the algorithm is adjusted, which show the amount of directional was significantly larger than before, click on the rate of decline is large, low single baby hits, it can take a separate plan targeted, the original plan to put keywords, key keywords plan maintenance the click rate of


for the baby’s greatest feature –