The traditional enterprise online accelerated back in 2013 or a large number of business

news January 6th, according to the survey report 2012 net electricity supplier dynamic display of traditional enterprises Ebang, business is higher than that of the pure business enterprise development speed rapid growth, a large number of traditional enterprise feedback that in 2012 the company business doubled, even the highest growth 5 times.

by the research of many traditional business operators, the traditional brand enterprises to understand business growing, thinking mode and business ideas gradually clear, with a large number of traditional enterprise business, some pure business may face the risk out of the previous.

is a large domestic clothing brand responsible person, in 2012 the company’s electricity supplier channel sales growth over last year more than 1 times, in their own company changes have obviously felt, the electricity supplier channels will usher in the outbreak in 2013.

, a large domestic well-known paper towel manufacturing electricity supplier responsible person said, in 2012 the company’s electricity supplier business has reached 5 times the growth rate. Now it seems only to fall before the burn chaos in his business, he believes that the development of the current market has been very healthy, but also in the market to attract enterprises to enter the traditional blank line to fill the online channel.

in 2012, just under the introduction of the electricity supplier project under a traditional line of department stores also revealed that the company’s online platform has been rapid development, on-line so far the daily order volume has reached 500-1000. Similarly, in his view China online retail now simply not winter, but in 2013 Chinese business is likely to become the traditional enterprise especially to enter the electricity supplier in the field of business enterprise development, such as some manufacturing enterprises.

industry report, 2012 mainstream form of traditional enterprise business is involved in the sales network channels, brand business hand has a huge backlog of inventory. In the study of a well-known brand enterprises responsible person, and now the whole industry inventory staggering, optimistic estimates to digest these stocks and into the healthy turnover of at least 1 years, and it takes about 3 years to complete digestion.

however, in a large number of traditional brands to sell low inventory, and large third party platform settled in cooperation, the official website of the electricity supplier and other forms of participation. Insiders pointed out that many of the local small and medium online retail channels will suffer unprecedented pressure, the market reshuffle or let the majority of small and medium electricity supplier channels out.