Tencent to Dangdang electricity supplier strategy misogynist

e-commerce will be independent, Tencent’s electricity supplier platform strategy is increasingly surfaced.

(June 12th), the reporter was informed that the dangdang.com and spin off near the Tencent business officially reached a cooperation, the exclusive operation of Tencent dangdang.com maternal electricity supplier’s QQ online shopping books, business, were standing outside the comprehensive cooperation.

then, the reporter from Dangdang, Tencent electricity supplier confirmed the news. According to informed sources, the two sides will officially announce this news this week, according to the details of cooperation, the book channel will be launched in mid June, while the mother and child channel to be formally launched in July ~8 month.

at the same time, Tencent will once again invest 500 million yuan of marketing resources, launched a period of three days of QQ online shopping promotion, the move has become a white hot price war heating up again.

for the development strategy of Tencent of the electricity supplier, electricity supplier observers Lu Zhenwang said that the current electricity supplier Tencent will need to original messy electricity supplier system — purchase and sale and platform integration, and this kind of internal integration, the process may be more painful, because it has not formed a complete chain of e-commerce.

hand in hand into the field of books

according to insiders, Tencent, as early as the third quarter of last year, Tencent has been in contact with dangdang. Tencent seems to be strong demand for users of the book category, as a standard book, in the guarantee of genuine and inexpensive conditions, is not suitable for many sellers to participate directly in the business. This also means that Dangdang has been operating in the field of books is undoubtedly the most appropriate partner.

according to the reporter, the two sides do not involve any cooperation in the capital level, Dangdang into Tencent platform, the future users in the QQ online shopping platform to reach the order, Dangdang packaging will be QQ LOGO.

at the same time, dangdang.com and Tmall settled in the book business is continuing to negotiate, also date will be announced.

Dangdang stationed in Tmall, Tencent, you can increase the amount of transactions while reducing the cost of marketing, and for Tencent and Tmall terms, more is the use of traffic to improve the platform to improve the capacity of large." Senior Internet commentators Cao Yueping believes that now is Tmall, Tencent with huge traffic, the release of faith to the vertical category of businesses; and do better in their respective fields such as Dangdang vertical category electricity supplier, in the face of huge traffic, in order to avoid marginalization can only become one.

Analysys International analyst Chen Shousong believes that because of the increase in the cost of advertising, so everyone thinks more about how to through a more reasonable combination to obtain more transactions.

QQ online shopping "overweight" electricity supplier price war

from the beginning of May, the electricity supplier by the Tencent’s fast and easy network, Jingdong, suning.com and Tmall mall and other large domestic e-commerce enterprises initiated by the known as "the strongest in the history of the electricity supplier price war", has launched 7 billion of the value of the cumulative profit margin and camp >