Hot mom to deny large layoffs mother and child community when how to choose electricity supplier bus

million European Network on April 7th, a day before the media broke the news that maternal community brand freaky help will lay off nearly 60% more likely to close the business, the original business community. In this regard, hundreds of millions of euros to the hot mom to help prove, the other denied, saying there is no matter.


broke the news that the freaky help fought the electricity supplier after the first three quarters of last year sales can also, but after a poor performance, and from the beginning of the end of 2015, freaky help stop replacements in the suppliers." This is the case, the company has to help the European network, said hot mom mall currently all operations are normal operations, and the rapid pace of development.

addition, on the hot mom to help the electricity supplier business seems to have stopped publicity." This statement, freaky help also to clarify billion euros net: freaky help currently do not want to do too much publicity for the mall business, just want a steady work.

maternal and child survival is really a problem?

in the "million European network of maternal community why it is difficult to expand the game player," explained? In the maternal community content exists low quality and serious homogenization phenomenon, from the perspective of three entrepreneurs, users and industry analysis of maternal and infant community game player constantly, it is difficult to do big reason.

mother to the community to carry out electricity supplier business seems to be the only way to achieve it, and how to deal with the relationship between the platform and the relationship between the electricity supplier and community two business, has been the focus of the industry to discuss. Insiders suggested that with the transformation of the electricity supplier community compared to the transformation of community electricity supplier seems more difficult, simply should hold the line, continue to focus on the content.

, according to one hundred million European network to understand, the end of the year to help the mother to help her mother and the ecological chain of the future, from the content, channels, big data and other aspects to achieve.

hot mom to help 100 million European network revealed that its recent focus on the community’s products polished. In the just launched freaky help version 7, page increases the "Thousand Faces" function, change the user to find the content of the situation, big data analysis for the user "portrait" based on the construction of user interest model, finally realize the precise personalized content recommendation.

freaky help from the hospital and women’s China cheekbones cut, women’s Development Foundation launched an exclusive strategic cooperation, jointly launched the China freaky eugenic plan, to provide information services for mothers, in order to obtain the target user. According to 100 million European network, at present, more than 5 million mom and dad to help cover pregnant mothers, is expected this year will be more than 10 million, and will cover nearly 3000 hospitals.

in addition, freaky help at the end of March also launched a pregnancy partner App and pregnant partner of maternal and child health scales to occupy the entrance flow and access to new users, so as to achieve online and offline combination of hardware and software, a full range of services to improve maternal and infant during pregnancy.

, according to one hundred million European network to understand, spicy mom to help expand the electricity supplier business in 2014 and the line on the hot mom mall, but had been self-employed mode, the acquisition of mother in 2015