How to choose the best B2B platform

just for the foreign trade enterprises involved in the Internet, online information is multitude, target Yunshanwuzhao, let’s look at how to quickly lock the best service platform.

We choose the optimal


1 visibility

all kinds of media, the major web site on the navigation station are repeated some high-profile B2B ( platform, which provides a platform for the choice of B2B platform.

2 query buyer number

basically buyers inquiry published user query are available on the B2B platform, using the keywords in your industry (Network Network Technology) and check to see where the station is on the inquiry number and release time, compare to other stations on a platform will have a basic evaluation, can know your product is not suitable for doing on this platform.

3 see forum discussion

there are several people gathered in foreign trade forum, often discussed and B2B platform related things, to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each platform, such as "trade", "Fu", "United export" is a very good foreign trade forum.

4 to Google search

if you are doing ATV, try to use the "Wholesale ATV" as a keyword to search on Google, you see above the first B2B platform, it must be a good effect.

5.B2B platform saturation effect

to select which platform, check their products keywords in the industry, is not a lot of members, there are many products that you turned a few pages do not end? If you are the customer, you will have the patience of a point to open, turn to page ten also continue to turn if vendors on the platform? Too much, can not guarantee their standing in the front, this platform has no effect on me.

6.2/8 rule

online spread a lot such as "1000 B2B" post, it seems the 1000 station to release the advertisement you invincible, but 98% of the website are not available to you, not seize several mainstream B2B platform, to concentrate on the business.

The total number of

B2B industry website is the focus of discussion, for example: Alibaba, China manufacturing network, in the Internet, global resources network, there are just near the network network science and technology limited company, is also the focus of the discussion, the effect is certainly some, depending on the specific circumstances of their own enterprises and. In short, want to talk about the business on the B2B platform, or to their business, even if only a platform to play to the extreme, it will come out the effect of.