Network marketing drives the rapid development of small and medium enterprises

SME network marketing is more than a decade, the Internet and the small and medium enterprises continue to discuss the topic of discussion. Landing from 2000 advertising portals, yellow pages, then the search engine keyword advertising, business website information release, are Everfount to small and medium-sized enterprises to provide a huge amount of business information. After the continuous renewal of the network marketing model, network marketing has become easier to operate, the effect of long-term development, the development of artificial intelligence, small and medium enterprises network marketing has been the road from low speed to high speed development. If before the network marketing or National Road era, the current situation of SMEs, is represented by high-speed railway EMU era.

Mr. Li Dafeng famous network marketing experts, the domestic Shenzhen tree

general manager of long-term research and promote the network marketing application of small and medium-sized enterprises have deep feeling said, a number of small and medium enterprises in the early start of "publicity themselves, the Internet based development in our country is still backward, at that time many do foreign trade website small and medium-sized enterprises, can not see the content of the web site through the computer immediately. That is the site of the company to cheat, the later really received the foreign customers call, just know, really useful website. Subsequently, a number of relatively early portals, have launched a website hard advertising model. However, due to the small and medium-sized enterprises at the time of the advertising funds are limited, therefore, the number of small and medium enterprises advertising portal, the number is still relatively small. The launch of search engine keyword advertising, a small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing craze, whether it is the address bar search, or the website search, and Baidu search engine launched 2001 ranking service charges, because of its low cost, hundreds of thousands of small businesses started to put some money into the promotion of Internet advertising go. For example, now the famous Baidu, then the price of advertising account, originally is 100, then to 300 dollars, then later more price. This period, not only small and medium enterprises began to have a sense of network promotion, the Internet itself also took the opportunity to expand the huge information content. This is the development of the Internet, is of great significance. At the end of 2002, when the Alibaba announced a profit of RMB yuan, the commerce website members began to enter the small and medium enterprises. In 2003, the listed HC B2B business in Hongkong; four years later, the Alibaba B2B business also listed in Hongkong. From then on, the business website members and search engine keyword advertising occupy the mainstream market of small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing.

Lee led the big division of its core product is a video service system products, customer service system, video products launched less than four months, it has about one million users, especially in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Shaanxi, Shandong, Sichuan, Fujian, Liaoning, Hebei and Beijing provinces of small and medium sized enterprises among the more popular. Video customer service system as the country’s first small and medium enterprise network integrated marketing applications, the perfect solution to the network marketing, three-dimensional marketing, interactive marketing, retail marketing, marketing, etc.