Taobao Electric City brand, three days of gains of nearly four million

July 18th, Taobao mall electric city news, electric city "brand," to promote the activities three days before (July 13, 14, 15) gains of nearly 40 million transactions a day, several brand flagship store sales of nearly one million. Taobao mall mall on the line has been rapidly released in the field of 3C huge energy.

from July 13th to 26, Taobao Electric City mall together including 12 digital home appliances brand Lenovo, DELL, PHILPS, NOKIA, Samsung, Galanz, AUX, HP, ultra low launch day special offer, most brands simply take the audience the most direct way of direct price, generally straight down 500 yuan, Lenovo is played straight down 1000 yuan. Taobao mall appliance city will also send 2 million yuan cash envelopes for this event.

13 is the first day of Lenovo, the Lenovo lead, in one fell swoop down 800 thousand of the transaction amount. While Taobao mall Electric City on the same day to break the turnover of 10 million. Lenovo flagship store customer service, told reporters that as of 14 noon, Lenovo notebook computer has sold up to 121 units, yesterday’s trading volume of the day is 800 thousand, which is completely beyond our expectations."

14 on the two day of 15 Taobao mall Electric City turnover is rising rapidly. The second day of the DELL brand, led by DELL Chinese also popular Taobao flagship store business, also gains nearly one million transactions. Activity on-line three days cumulative turnover of nearly 40 million. 15 day, AUX flagship store to deliver the goods, sold 490 air conditioning units a day, created a single store turnover of 552 thousand grades.

reporter found in the Taobao mall Electrical City, a large number of 3C appliances not only cheaper than the mall, but also has a significant price advantage over some other sites. Such as refrigerators, TVs and other large appliances, are cheaper than other sites on average 10%.

in January 13th this year, Taobao Electric City Mall officially launched, intended to provide consumers with more guaranteed authentic licensed, meet consumer demands, improve consumer appliances 3C online shopping experience and satisfaction, but also created a new mode of network sales of 3C appliances. According to the insiders, the Taobao Electric City Mall brand jointly discuss large scale promotion, a show as a traditional business inside the first network of digital home appliance brand, has a very deep understanding of e-commerce, and through large-scale online business activities to gain more market, and can see the big brands are more willing to through the platform electronic commerce mode directly to consumers. On the other hand, Taobao mall appliance city in the field of e-commerce 3C appliance appeal and integration of forces through the brand Day campaign highlights no doubt.