Google shut down Google’s huge impact on China’s foreign trade e-commerce

January 13, 2010, sources said, Google said it may shut down Google’s Chinese website completely withdraw from the Chinese market". According to news agency news: Google legal director David Drummond this afternoon in Google official blog published an article to make the above statement. China News Agency reporter after confirmation by mail to Google, Google news department back to the China News Agency reporter, confirmed Drummond said."

just yesterday, Baidu was a major event was black. The industry has not yet awakened from the shock, suddenly encountered the news of Google off the station, is a ray of mine. Some statistics, there will be tens of thousands of Google advertising agency practitioners, hundreds of thousands of orders to rely on Google advertising revenue of small and medium owners affected, which does not include a large number of internal and external e-commerce business.

from the current rise in foreign trade e-commerce business, the main promotion channels are the following:

· e-commerce platform marketing: through Alibaba, China manufacturing network, Dunhuang and other foreign trade e-commerce platform site B2B or B2C sales.

· e-mail marketing: the promotion of mail through the overseas mail marketing agencies.

· Google advertising (Google Adsense): can be targeted to the regional keyword advertising.

· Google keyword optimization: that is, through the technical means of keywords ranking.

, Google advertising is the most important channel of foreign trade enterprises do not rely on e-commerce platform independent marketing. Google China is the most convenient way for foreign companies to sell to china.

shows that if Google shut down Google China, will have a huge impact on the field of foreign trade e-commerce:

1, Google exit, will affect the search for overseas Chinese enterprises advertising. In view of Google’s share in the world, the most convenient search channels for overseas companies is Google china. Bing (Bing), YAHOO, Baidu can not make up for vacancies in a short time, these sites in the sales channels, the number of customers, influence, quality of service, there is still a long way to go.

2, the closure of Google China, for domestic enterprises overseas Google advertising brings unexpected results. If Google China closed, how to China agent management of Google advertising will be restructured? Whether the business will be subject to sanctions against? After hours of washing, a new generation of Chinese suppliers will try Google ad not familiar with Google — everything is unknown?.

3, shut down Google China, will be the restructuring of domestic enterprises of foreign trade e-commerce channels. When Google advertising is no longer convenient, Chinese suppliers will become more dependent on e-commerce platform. Alibaba, China manufacturing network will get a larger share.

Google’s "sad"