The fruit industry business day and night intruder entrepreneurship, the hair is white……

Wang Wei is determined to make the fruit business, he never wavered, didn’t feel pain. What do you do when you take it as a hobby?." He said at the head of gray hair, he was under the age of forty, according to the common sense that shouldn’t be the age he was due, "are working day and night downtown, my white hair is after the fruit electricity supplier was white." Ha ha ha ha.


orchard founder and CEO Wang Wei

(this article comes from the titanium media column [entrepreneur said])

[Edit] / Cao Tianpeng titanium media one day in 2006, a friend gave Wang Wei a Morgan Stanley Research Report, it analyzes four development ways: first of all, from the business start, secondly and electronics, department store category, the last is fresh.

was a white-collar career for five or six years, he has stood at the heel of the company, and did not care too much about this report. However, now in retrospect, since 2009 when he quit working out alone to do business "fruit orchard every day", to coincide on the analysis of the trend of the business report. At that time, books, 3C electronics and department stores are crazy expansion, but not fresh class, it is such a window period of time, gave him an opportunity to do fruit electricity supplier.

fresh, is recognized as the industry’s electricity supplier last piece of blue ocean, has a trillion market potential, but also because it is difficult to do very little success. Special cold chain requirements, special logistics, single product gross margin requirements, quality and product affected factors, etc.. For many companies, fresh electricity supplier is a hot potato. Do not do fresh electricity supplier, will lose the opportunity to re launch a listed giant, do a fresh electricity supplier, the success rate is very low.

, according to Wang Wei recalls, when there are several domestic electricity supplier to test the water. But the overall situation is not very good, because at the time it seems that in the Internet to buy fruit is not very reliable. Several electricity supplier is also very small scale, he speculated that the overall sales of fruit electricity supplier in 2009 will not be more than 50 million, might as well put a fruit stand to make money.

but now they orchard every day a good development, according to Taobao fresh data, every orchard in recent years has won the sales champion. In just the past 2014, every day sales of 500 million yuan breakthrough in the orchard, a record industry. Only in 2015 in January, the daily sales of the orchard on the direct break billion, the growth rate of up to several times.


orchard founder & every day; CEO Wang Wei (left), co-founder of the right () (


"my white hair, is to do fruit electricity supplier after the white……"

Wang Wei is determined to make the fruit business, he never wavered, didn’t feel pain. "What do you do?"