UNQLO’s exit is just the beginning of Tmall and Jingdong played in the clothing market in

saw Jingdong in the apparel industry’s ambition to expand, Tmall threw exclusive agreement to ensure their absolute advantage. In the initial stage of the Jingdong has a lot of clothing city needs to solve the problem, UNIQLO exit is a warning.


image source: CFP

Hangzhou in August 5th, Tmall held a fashion summit great in strength and impetus big hall, half is the clothing enterprise executives. Hukill, attachment, Decathlon and other brands, bestseller Representatives took office, announced to join Tmall’s strategic partner camp.


new clothing "alliance" make insiders nerves together: in addition to the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with 160 garment brands, Tmall also won the exclusive right of Timberland, E, LAND, TEENIE WEENIE and Inditex group and other more than and 20 brands.

since 2003, the predecessor of Taobao mall Tmall was founded, consumers have been able to find more than 70 thousand brands on Tmall. Zhang Jianfeng, President of China retail business group, said Alibaba, which is the largest category of clothing. Over the years, by virtue of the clothing began to accumulate a large number of users Tmall, in 2014 a total of 350 million independent buyers traded on Tmall.


clothing electricity supplier is in a rapid growth phase. "China B2C enfodesk quarter market monitoring report" data show that the first quarter of 2015, Chinese B2C clothing market transactions amounted to 120 billion 540 million yuan during the first quarter of 2015, an increase of 54.1%, of which Tmall accounted for nearly 70% of the market share.

however, clothing electricity business has never been a lack of competitors, to start their own model Jingdong three years ago began to increase the efforts of the third parties to accelerate the pace of the platform. From 2014 onwards, Jingdong open platform will clearly focus on the direction of clothing as a force, but also organized a number of still · Jingdong fashion new conference. August 7th, Jingdong announced a new division system adjustment, the establishment of a separate clothing home division. Up to now, Jingdong clothing city settled merchants has more than 3.8, including HUGO BOSS, GAP, Levi’s, Lacoste, as well as JACK&JONES, Vero, Tmall and other brands in the top sales ranking.

in April this year, the Japanese fast fashion brand UNIQLO announced a high-profile Jingdong stationed in the mall. For the Jingdong, with non 3C products trading volume accounted for 50%, non proprietary trading volume is close to half, the introduction of the well-known consumer brands such as UNIQLO, are of vital importance to enhance the brand image and user experience.



, don’t forget its significance for Tmall.