Wang Jianlin next year will talk about electricity providers Wanda cut traditional media promotion e

signed in front of the big three, Wanda has a high level of the seminar, Wang Jianlin at this meeting on how to do a comprehensive exposition Wanda electricity supplier. Wanda electricity supplier in the next set of what kind of chess, Wang Jianlin at this meeting has a very clear description.

following is his speech at the conference record:

what is O2O I personally understand, O2O is in the mobile Internet era, the integration of online and offline, improve the consumption of new business models. There are four key words: Mobile Internet, online and offline integration, improve consumption, new business model, the core is to promote consumption. On the next step Wanda electricity supplier how to develop, I have five suggestions, that is, I speak today is just a proposal, not an indication.

I would like to know the case of online and offline integration

For half a year to

Wanda electricity supplier has done a lot of work, compared with the last report, further show the physical image, especially on the two diagram, reflects the basic physical image, Wanda electricity supplier should be affirmed, I am looking forward to you at the end of 2015 officially launched after the operation, there are more clear physical image and characteristics.

but also a little go the wrong place, you might consider more profitable business model and consider the integration of online and offline less, I particularly want to listen to your specific integration of online and offline product development case, such as department stores, catering culture, etc. How to carry out the integration of online and offline interaction.

two, O2O is the core of the real consumer interactive experience

O2O how to grasp? I think we should pay attention to two points:

1, the key is interactive. Consumers to enjoy interactive services online and offline, such as watching movies, no O2O, can watch movies, queue up for tickets to the scene, watching movies nature has not changed, but through the mobile phone to book tickets in advance, screenings and seat selection, to the mobile phone ticket approach, which is more interactive services, online under the mutual integration.

2, the focus is experience. On the basis of the original experience of consumers on how to add a new experience, so that consumers enjoy more services to allow consumers to participate in, this is very important. As to the Wanda Plaza consumption, Wang point square stop a few minutes is commonplace, even into the parking lot, looking for parking is very troublesome, a software that has no parking spaces before departure, even under a single reservation of parking spaces, a parking lot, mobile phone navigation can quickly find the position; to a restaurant for dinner, you can advance online ordering, but also online ranking, after arranging if too early, you can go around the store, such as when the mobile phone is arranging quickly to send reminders, what do not delay; so it is retail O2O, buy clothes to increase the user experience, can develop a set of software, where people stop to know your measurements and a variety of sizes, styles and sizes automatically selected for you, even can be tailored, fitting work can be done on the mobile phone, if satisfied, direct hand.