Li Keqiang praised the first shop in the village of 2014 trading volume of about 3 billion 500 milli

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from 2006 to open business, Qingyan Liu village was born 8 years sales of nearly billion yuan net, 60 gold shop. Trading volume in from 200 million yuan in 2008, all the way up to around]

in 2014

China "shop first village" reputation spread to the world economic town in Davos. To promote China’s premier Li Keqiang.

two months ago, I went to a village in eastern China, where there are more than and 700 families, but opened a registered shop in, every day to sell more than 30 million kinds of goods around the world. This is a vivid portrayal of hardworking public entrepreneurship." Li Keqiang recently mentioned in the speech of the annual meeting in Davos, the Taobao village".

back the prime minister footprint, this village is he inspected two months ago in Zhejiang Yiwu Qingyan Liu village. Recently, the first Financial Daily reporters once again visited the famous electricity supplier village.

last November 19th, Premier Li Keqiang visits Qingyan Liu village, the first shop is Tong Zhida Yiwu Fu e-commerce firm. Tong Zhida told reporters, from 2010 last year to start empty-handed, sales reached 10 million, becoming one of the more than 1 thousand and 300 electricity supplier in Yiwu annual sales of over ten million.

Tong Zhida is the epitome of entrepreneurial innovation, fresh mass, he and his business has become the primary source of new engine of economic growth China. Li Keqiang said that China has a population of 1 billion 300 million, the labor force, 70 million enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, the people are industrious and intelligent. If the whole society every cell is activated, it will cause the entire economic body is full of vitality, and gathered into a huge driving force. Public entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity are limitless, boundless wealth, is the inexhaustible gold mine".

travel package to make tens of millions of scale

and noisy bazaars, in the suburb of Qingyan Liu village is quiet. In addition to the piling up of the goods, the village road is a parked truck. Here gathered more than 1.5 electricity supplier practitioners, more than 10 times the number of local villagers. A more intuitive data is that every household here registered 4 shop.

in the past eight or nine years, more than 8000 students from across the University, engaged in Entrepreneurship in Qingyan Liu village has. Among them, there are from Hangzhou, Jiande Province, graduated from the Yiwu Institute of Commerce and industry, Tong Zhida, he is also doing a modest travel package package business.

Tong Zhida to the first Financial Daily reporters recalled the situation when the investigation of Li Keqiang, the prime minister gave me confidence and courage to start a business."

prime minister at that time to understand the business situation of the store, when he learned that the store, only 9 employees, the current sales reached $about 9000000, driven by more than 200 people in the production of enterprises, nodded praise.

Tong Zhida said today in Qingyan Liu village, large.