Micro-blog to sell cars reverse social electricity supplier thinking

with the rise of the Internet, in the automobile trade circulation, 4S shop "hero" status is gradually weakened. Not long ago, Jingdong and Tesla signed a full year procurement agreement, cooperation between China and the two chiefs to make the car electricity supplier mode flash blind again. As the automobile industry due to non FMCG itself involves customer service maintenance, complex agent can surmount the electronic business platform is a miracle, after the electric car era will be how to interpret? In the ride after equipped with Internet development will show how the


micro-blog how to restructure the electricity supplier model


Sina car recently organized micro-blog happy car buying season to provide a reference model for the automotive electricity supplier era.

after the auto supplier is through Taobao Tmall, Jingdong, business platform, car home car vertical platform to actively try various modes of cooperation to find new profit point, since the idea boils like this, it is not difficult to find the key process which is: first, after the social business.


the Car Buying joy season activities to create special automobile business projects the most influential, but also invisible to subvert the previous "positive thinking, after the first business electricity supplier social", choose the opposite ones draw further apart completely reverse thinking — the first social electricity supplier, electricity providers ".

relative to the home economy, the car is inherently a strong social attributes of the product, it makes people experience more convenient transportation, so that the exchange of individuals and the world will become more frequent. So there is no doubt that the strong social attributes of automotive products will also be able to spread the inevitable choice like micro-blog, WeChat such social platform. This is not micro-blog with the car’s first collaboration, previously, Benz Smart micro-blog tried to sell the car in January 2013 666, a special edition cars were sold out in 490 minutes.

carefully combing the development context of car sales, you will find: 4S era, between people and cars are commodity physical space, and this is precisely the physical space to bring business resistance; electricity supplier era is to eliminate the spatial distance; and now the social era again this space closer for consumers in the purchase of products before they create an exchange of open space. The picture is common after buying the car, after the user will, for a test drive, licensing, maintenance, replacement and other aspects of communication.

reverse automotive electricity supplier grand money scene

from the fine point of view, then reverse the electricity supplier thinking will have the following advantages:

1, strong flow, interactive shopping platform superiority. As the social dividend, the book said, the social age of income generated = Information * * * * * * interaction. Corresponding to this point, we can learn that the car will micro-blog as a shopping platform advantage. Domestic well-known social marketing service providers when interest SocialTouch data show that nearly 3 of its service customers in the activities of the campaign, 92% of marketing activities will reach the radiation camp within five hours