n order to expand the service market easy home appliances to build the market after the service of


from the context of the development of enterprises, easy home appliance is one of the few users to catch up with the development of enterprises.

from Shenzhen to Beijing, then to Shanghai and Guangzhou, which was founded less than a year at a rapid pace of development of enterprises, "sweeping" the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen and other multi City, become the home appliance after algebra calculated by one hundred thousand home users preferred home appliance service. The fundamental reason behind its standardization, fine quality service.

the ultimate service process tree after the market service benchmarking


"just fine was amazing, they should be photographed in the fridge every item in the position, after cleaning will be placed as it is really unbelievable,", who lives in Beijing, Miss Wang in an easy home appliance service, micro-blog said. In fact, more than Miss Wang, if we search for easy home appliance on micro-blog, you will see the use of thousands of easy home appliance users experience, they evaluate the core keywords is meticulous service".

in this regard, relaxed home appliances CEO Li Wei joked: "easy home service personnel may not know" put an elephant into the fridge requires several steps’, but they definitely know to keep a clean refrigerator requires several steps, because of their easy appliances for each service have made meticulous operation process."

in the home appliance service industry known as the "sea" of the enterprise, the service personnel of each step, each operation rules. To clean up the refrigerator, for example, easy home appliances will be divided into 8 steps, from the case detection, to the high temperature anti-virus, and then to a number of maintenance, and finally to restore, clean, so that users at a glance.


fine, in addition to standard service, relaxed home appliance also provides users with a complete customer service service system, customer complaints or inquiries provide zero wait service, eliminating the need for users of the menace from the rear.

even hired home appliance engineers to create the most professional service team


in the ease of home appliances, every service personnel have a resounding title – home appliance engineers.

managers in the light of home appliances, the value of home appliance service professionals have long been undervalued by the market. In fact, they are not only the traditional sense of the manual workers, but with professional knowledge and mature experience of home appliances’ experts’, so easy to call them home appliances, home appliances, engineers".

relaxed home appliance for the engineer team is not only reflected in the address, but also reflected in the real equipment configuration and salary. All home appliance engineers will wear uniform after systematic training