The most commonly used 6 kinds of paid advertising model in online advertising

in the network to promote the most effective, the fastest growing number of online advertising. Of course online advertising costs money. If we put one thousand dollars, we can make $two thousand, $three thousand or more. Why don’t we do it?. Not only continue to put, but also in the amplification of


blog promotion, SEO, BBS promotion or soft Wen promotion, of course, is also very effective, if a short period of time to quickly enlarge 10 times, 20 times is very difficult. If we enter an industry or a new product, the test is not hot hot, can not earn, how fast can make use of advertising test is fast.

today to talk to you about online advertising, the most difficult part of a piece of advertising is the effect of monitoring, such as we buy a text on Sina home page or industry portal. We want to count the effective hits he brings us (that is, we often say IP), access to the number of potential customers, the transaction number of transactions, the final sales. As long as these points we can quickly calculate our advertising is also made to calculate the loss, click rate, registration rate, turnover rate and so on (that is two days before we say the network marketing should focus more on the conversion rate), I used to say: as long as the conversion rate is not a problem forever, traffic is not a problem! As long as they are able to earn advertising, the next step we will enlarge the investment to.

put the advertisement when a money machine can print money, I cast three thousand output of eight thousand, I vote for the production of thirty thousand is certainly that of eighty thousand. I used every day to burn


when we just started to put in, we click rate, registration rate, turnover rate and so on, we are all unknown to us. Which way should we pay for each other. If we all measure out, we must adopt the least paid one in order to maximize our profits. At the beginning of the other side do not understand your results, he would think of avoiding their own risks, he will strongly urge the use of his model to advertise.

today I would like to talk to you about, under normal circumstances, we have to pay in the advertising model, of course, if the monitoring effect will be shared with you!!!


1 long time billing

is what we call the monthly advertising or advertising package, bag day week. This pattern is the most common pattern of the target.

because it is the seller does not know you in order to avoid risks, usually require the use of this model. Ad sellers advocate general 1000 impressions (now rarely used) or pay per click, buyers do not know each other, each click on the website how much traffic the effective real value for their own risk according to the registration fee or payment orders. In this way they earn is the most appropriate.

is the general form of text, pictures, banner banner banner, skyscrapers etc..

2.CPM. Pay per thousand show