Online travel e-commerce is like a pot of porridge

if the past China online tourism is the romance of the Three Kingdoms, so now, when Chinese line tourism is the Warring States period, warlords, zhuluzhongyuan. In the past, Ctrip alone big, eLong, mango net pursuit, forming a three glyph layout situation, but with Taobao, with pat, as well as E said to join the new model Inn sign, and the original airlines, hotels have built their own marketing channels, to join the battle group inside, I think the next Chinese online travel e-commerce will be like a group purchase as great in strength and impetus of the hundred regiments, and as the e Inn, airlines direct sales model changes, you push past history call center as the main business model in the generation of a large change, China online travel e-commerce the business model may be in a new change, in this war, the last who laughs last a temporary or not know, but in the past one or several dominant Bureau Face will change.

if Ctrip listed as the starting point Chinese of electronic commerce, then, Ctrip is undoubtedly one of the most successful domestic e-commerce enterprises, is one of the most beautiful of the enterprise, its business model has been imitated by many domestic counterparts, including the electronic commerce legislation model, +call center+ online and offline mode has been it is still being used. However, this model also has obvious shortcomings, because the call center requires a lot of cost, because the capacity is limited, therefore, enterprises will eventually cost will be passed on to the airline or hotel there, will eventually fall to the head of the consumers. So, they are joking Eastern Liu help Ctrip work. To a certain extent, we can see that the above business entities of dissatisfaction with the existing models, because Ctrip such as generation company occupy a part of their profits, at the same time, also weakened their ability to compete with other rivals, especially now launched large-scale high-speed rail, aviation market has been a huge challenge. Want to live better, in addition to lower prices and improve services, it is difficult to have other entrance. Price is one of the most obvious factors, because consumers can feel directly, and the service is a long-term process, it is impossible to have a big break in a short time, which is one of the airline’s dilemma. As consumers, e-commerce as an emerging industry, with different traditional business is the most greatly shorten the whole industry chain, and put the price down, can feel the real benefits, while the current aviation market, the probability of price has not much, apparently only to the original business model making the middle part of the agents is obviously changed, first, become the focus of the two competitors. Taobao, pat, E inn is obvious that the current problem where the nodes to launch their own business, so that the original clear market become increasingly blurred.

Why did

say Taobao, pat the launch of online travel business will stir up the board before the airline is not trying to push their own direct marketing >