The second half of 2015 victories all cross-border electricity supplier will determine the status of

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now is the "dog", the domestic electricity supplier in cross-border competition as summer heat, guies go out crying. Jingdong CEO group Liu Qiangdong attended the meeting in New York of the Jingdong of the US Pavilion "ceremony; founder Chen ou, NetEase CEO Ding Lei had to go to South Korea" on sale "; Alibaba CEO Ma arranged intensive U.S. travel to their own, to persuade the United States to participate in small and medium enterprises to his" global purchase plan "…… With the number of domestic electricity supplier platform in the cross-border electricity supplier import force, sea Amoy finally do not have so much effort.

"look, it’s all my booty." Chen Yue pointed to the high piled up at the desk and told the international finance news reporter. Chen Yue is a net shopping frenzy, when the mother fell in love with the sea amoy.

"but this’ sea Amoy ‘is not the traditional sea amoy." Chen Yue told reporters, these are the day before yesterday to buy milk powder, but today these goods have arrived in front of her.

prior to this, Chen Yue are purchased by purchasing some foreign goods, but also through their own foreign websites and then return to the domestic traditional sea Amoy way to prepare some daily necessities.

"the former is usually more expensive, and then one way too slow, less than half a month, more than one or two months." As a senior sea Amoy powder, Chen Yue knows the pain points.

but recently she found the best of both worlds: cross-border electricity makes it similar to Chen Yue this kind of sea Amoy powder can not only obtain goods faster, but also enjoy the low price.

For example,

spot purchasing a bucket of milk cattle hand price of 216 yuan, but in the cross-border electricity supplier to buy the lowest price, promotion is 123 yuan / barrel, a difference of 93 yuan / barrel." Chen Yue told reporters, so in the big promotion, she bought a whole year of goods (45 barrels), saving $4185.

in recent years, thanks to a series of favorable policies issued in the "Chen Yue" huge demand stimulus, cross-border electricity industry ushered in the "air", including the Internet giant, traditional Chaodeng each capital in the field of cross-border electricity supplier, a battle can not be avoided.

gathered a large coffee

cross-border electricity supplier how hot? Look at the Internet and electricity supplier bigwigs can know.

in the domestic large Internet companies, NetEase is relatively low profile in recent years. However, this year the NetEase which moves frequently.

NetEase insiders told reporters, in early June, NetEase CEO Ding Lei has repeatedly and South korea. At that time, China and South Korea FTA signed, Ding Lei took a team to visit South Korea’s well-known beauty brand manufacturers, and eventually reached the depth of cooperation with dozens of Korean national brands.

Ding Lei personally to visit the beauty brand, is to NetEase’s koala sea